New York City has astonishing beaches, each one of them, offers hundreds of stupendous activities to do during the summer, and if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a spectacular summer day, here below, we share with you a list with the best beaches of New York City.

Let’s get started!

Long Beach

If you are looking for a different place to go during the summer in New York City go straight to Long Beach, a super beach where you can spend a marvelous day in the Big Apple. Long Beach is situated in Long Island; is one of the largest beaches of New York City and is very popular among surfers for its big waves.

New York Beaches

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Although enter to Long Beach has a cost of 15 dollars per person, thousands of people visiting this beach daily during the summer because is considered as one of the most enchanting places to enjoy the New York’s summer. Long Beach has an incredible boardwalk, where are located tons of astonishing restaurants and bars, furthermore, is a great place to ride a bike or walk while you appreciate the coast.

Coney Island

Leaving behind the skyscrapers and the Manhattan hustle our next destination is the symbolic Coney Island, a breathtaking beach that attracts several New Yorkers and tourists each year during the summer season in New York City.

Coney Island is a paradise worth visit least one time in New York City, surrounded by roller coasters and with a  boardwalk that is kind of like a big street fair where you will see a lot of food vendors, fair games, mermaid parades, people for every corner of the world, the famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs (the oldest fast food restaurant in the Big Apple) are some of the reasons that you should visit Coney Island during your tour to New York. In addition, Coney Island is home of the Luna Park and the New York Aquarium, two fabulous places of the city that has remained intact along the time.

Super recommended beach if you want to live the New York summer in all its splendor. Coney Island is situated in Brooklyn.

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Manhattan Beach

If you are wondering by a quiet beach in New York City, a place where you can rest in the sand, read a book, enjoy the waves and have a tranquil day, our recommendation is going to Manhattan beach, located in Brooklyn, not Manhattan, an enchanting beach!

Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan beach has incredible zones where you can spend a fun day with your friends or family, the beach has a BBQ area, also, has game for kids and several places to do sports. Moreover, the beach has many lonely places where you can relax far from the people.

In a few words is a perfect place if you are seeking a place where you don’t have to worry for the crowd and at the same time, you can be close to Manhattan. A super recommended place if you are making a tour for New York with kids.

Orchard beach

An oasis in the middle of the Bronx. Orchard Beach is located in Pelham Bay Park, the New York City largest public park. Orchard Beach is a highly popular place among New Yorkers because from their coast you have unbelievable sights of the Big Apple, from there you can take breathtaking photos of New York City!

Orchard Beach also has a fantastic pier, there are you will find many numerous restaurants and where you can enjoy a gorgeous skyline. This pier also has fair games and several courts where you can play volleyball, handball and among other sports.

A fun fact about the Orchard Beach Pier, this boardwalk wood is the oldest pier in New York City, was built in 1898 and over the years the pier has had several rebuilds due to has suffered several series of storms that have damaged the pier. Thousands of people visit daily this place, but worth visiting is a true gem of New York City history.

Cedar Grove Beach

Cedar Grove Beach is a beach located in Staten Island, for go there you must take the famous Ferry, a trip that lasts 30 minutes. Once there, you can relax and enjoy the incredible view of Manhattan from far away. Undoubtedly from its coast, you can take incredible photos that you will never forget. Cedar Grove Beach is a family-friendly beach, a stupendous place to go with kids.

New York Beaches

Cedar Grove Beach -Source

This beach is a fantastic place to have a summer day, it is a tranquil place, where you will find a lot of activities to do there.  The last years Cedar Grove have attracted several tourists this is because the people find an incredible spot where you can leave behind the Manhattan hustle and relaxing close of the downtown.

We recommend this beach, is a comfortable place where you can have an incredible experience, moreover, is close to Manhattan, this is something very positive because when the sun goes down, you head to Manhattan and keep enjoying a long summer day. Two thumbs up for Cedar Grove Beach.

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Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach is an iconic beach in New York City. Located in Queens, this beach usually visits by surfers is a fabulous place near to Manhattan to spend a relaxed day in NYC. The boardwalk of the beach has been reconstructed and nowadays there you will find several new restaurants, snack bars among other incredible places. Rockaway also has fantastic sports facilities, where is guaranteed a good time.

Rockaway Beach is a perfect summertime spot, is one of the most popular beaches in the five boroughs of NYC, which provide tons of enjoyable activities to do. For the surfers, Rockaway Beach offers incredible waves during the whole year.