In addition to Central Park, the city has dozens of wonderful parks where you can spend an unforgettable day in the Big Apple. Each park in New York has something that makes it different from the others, some larger, others with more sculptures, each has something unique and so it’s worth getting to know them, so if you’re one of those who loves to do outdoor activities, sit in a park to enjoy the day or go to outdoor festivals, we recommend you take a look at this list of Manhattan Parks.

This list was created to give you an idea of every park that exists in Manhattan and the activities you can do in each of them, so get your things ready and join us on this spectacular journey through Manhattan’s most famous parks.

Let’s get started!

Central Park


Central Park – Source iStock

Unquestionably Central Park is the most recognize park of New York City, perhaps in the world too. This epic park was created in 1857, is bigger than Monaco and is the Manhattan’s heart. Why is so famous Central Park? Well, there you find a ton of fun things to do such as visit the Bethesda Fountain, have a romantic date in the Shakespeare Garden, escape of the hustle of the city and chill in The Pond, make a picnic in Sheep Meadow, taking a Horse-Drawn Carriage, take breathtaking pictures and much more.

This urban park is a must-visit in New York City, there you live an unthinkable experience, you will love this park. At last, Central Park each season will give you a great surprise, because doesn’t matter the season always you will find something new to do.

Bryant Park

For many, Bryant Park is the second most important park in New York City. As well as in Central Park, in the Bryant Park you will find a lot of plans to do, one of them is the Movie Nights a super plan where you are going to sit on the lawn while enjoy a delicious food with your friends and watching a movie.

Besides, in Bryant Park is located the New York Public Library, one of the most important libraries in the city, the library has been an essential place for more than 100 years, providing access to books and information for many locals and tourists. Also, Bryant Park has an interesting cultural agenda, along the year there are taking place festivals such as SummerStage and Broadway Shows, Yoga and Tai Chi classes and birding tours.

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Battery Park

Battery Park is an important park of New York City and for many people this park has the most amazing view of the city. This park was named Battery Park because in XVII the Britain troops putted their cannons there.  A fun fact that may you don’t’ know about Battery Park is it the oldest park in New York City, however the tourist and locals most of the time believes the Central Park is the older park in the Big Apple.

Additionally, Battery Park has interesting places and monuments, along the park you would see spots like Castle Clinton, an impressive that stands where New York City began to build, over the years this incredible place to welcome first immigrants, nowadays the Castle is where you can buy the Ferry tickets to visit Elli Island and Statue of Liberty. The Castle Clinton just one of the monuments that you can visit in Bryant Park, other highlights of the park are the East Coast Memorial and The Sphere, a memorial to honors the victims of 11 September.

Fort Tryon Park


Fort Tryon Park – Source

One of the New York City’s most beautiful parks, from there will you have a stupendous view of the Hudson River. In addition, Fort Tryon Park is also home to The Cloisters, a museum that has several European medieval arts, you will love it. On the other hand, this marvelous park has an incredible gardens and meandering strolls that you can enjoy exploring.

Besides the marvelous nature of the park, inside Fort Tryon Park you will have a extraordinary restaurant, a place where will you have a unforgettable dinner, the restaurant is New Leaf Restaurant & bar, a very romantic place that you should visit while you are touring New York City. Unquestionably, Fort Tryon Park going to give you one of the most spectacular experience that you can live in New York City.

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High Line Park

The High Line Park it is a public space that transform the city entirely, the High Line has become a symbol of New York City and, nowadays is a tremendous attraction that you should visit if you are planning a tour to New York City. Over the years, the High Line has transformed the urban space giving to the tourist and locals the chance to enjoy the city in a different way, while you walk there you can appreciate art, live performances, taste delicious food and connect with the nature, due to High Line has become in a trendy attraction of New York City.

High Line Park is an extraordinary place, every section of the park gives you a different experience and a unique perspective of New York City. If you want to have more information about the park you can go to the official website ->