The cooler days of October are perfect for long walks in New York City. You should know that this is one of the best times of the year to visit the Big Apple, the trees begin to shed leaves creating incredible landscapes that deserve to be photographed, the streets of the city turn orange announcing that Halloween is coming and the Big Apple begins to say goodbye to the year. So, if you are traveling in October take a look at this list of what to do in fall in New York City.

Let’s begin!

Autumn walks in the park

In October, every park in New York City looks more beautiful than usual, and autumn gives a special touch to every park in the Big Apple. It is at this time of year when you must take advantage of every trail you find, enjoy the sound of the leaves stepping on them, let yourself be carried away by that red-orange tone that takes hold of New York City.

And since taking a fall tour of New York is a great experience, here is a list of the parks you should visit in October:

Central Park: As you well know it is the most famous park in NYC and no matter what time of year it’s a must every time you go to the Big Apple.

Prospect Park: This park in autumn looks like a forest out of a fairy tale, no doubt you should go for a walk along the paths of Prospect Park, a park that you will love and allow you to admire the city of New York as never imagined before.

Prospect Park – Source

Washington Square: The heart of Greenwich Village is one of the most beautiful parks you will find in New York City, a park full of history, surrounded by great restaurants and coffee shops.

Carl Schurz Park:  Famous for being the setting for Woody Allen’s Manhattan, this park becomes one of the most pleasant places to visit in the fall. Its medieval trails, well-preserved gardens and Queensboro Bridge view make this park a fantastic place to visit.

Governors Island: This small island located between Manhattan and Brooklyn is a highly recommended place to visit in the fall. It has a beautiful esplanade and also from there you can see the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan.

And although they are not Parks, we recommend you stroll through the streets of the West Village and Park Slope neighborhoods, neighborhoods with colonial architecture, red bricks, portals and small front gardens that are very pleasant to the eye. And to finish a walk through the park in autumn nothing better than going to some cafeteria and have a hot drink.

New York Comic Con

Many people say that this is a “Friki” event, but they are very wrong, the Comic Con is one of the most spectacular and entertaining events. Every year in New York thousands of lovers of Comic, Science Fiction, graphic novel and costumes come together in a convention or rather a festival in which people can forget about the real world and enter a world full of fantasy.

New York Comic Con – Source Facebook

During Comic Con you will be able to attend talks, participate in costume contests, go to autograph signatures and find out what will be released the following year by famous brands such as Dreamworks Animation, Marvel, DC Comics, Netflix and many more.

This year New York Comic Con 2018 runs from Thursday, Oct. 4 to Sunday, Oct. 7. And will be at the Javits Center over at 655 W. 34th St. in Midtown Manhattan. The show floor is open from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. each day except Sunday, when it closes at 5:00 p.m. If you want to know more about the New York Comic With you can enter to


Yes, that’s right, ice skating in the middle of autumn is possible. From 6 October the Rockefeller Center ice rink opens its doors and becomes one of the most visited attractions in New York City.

the Rockefeller Center ice – Source

Entering the skating rink costs approximately 25 dollars and the rent of the skate costs 12 dollars. Being one of the most popular activities in New York you will always find people at the skating rink and it can happen that some days it is more crowded than others.

This ice-skating rink is perhaps the most famous or most talked about in New York, but throughout the city you will find more ice rinks such as Bryant Park or Central Park. If you’ve never skated on ice before as we recommend you do so, you’ll have a lot of fun, it’s an experience you’ll love.

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Halloween in New York City

You can go to a haunted house, or dress up and parade in the Village Parade, or go to a Halloween party. The fact is that celebrating Halloween in New York City is something incomparable, in the city there are dozens of activities around Halloween, there are attractions for all tastes.

One of the city’s most famous Halloween events is the Village Parade, the largest Halloween parade in the world, and it is practically a festival where you will see more than a thousand people parading down 6th Avenue in extravagant costumes in shiny floats and loud music. If you disguise yourself, you can participate; if not, you can see it on October 31st from 19:00 on 6th Avenue.

The Village Parade – Source

If you are looking for a more terrifying experience, you can go to a Haunted House. During the month of October in New York City, haunted houses begin to appear that you can enter and experience a night full of terror. In these places you’ll feel like you’re in a scary movie, you’ll run into actors disguised as monsters, you’ll walk through dark passages, you’ll see chilling scenes and you’ll scream a lot.

Or if you are one of those who prefer to party, during the Halloween weekend different bars and nightclubs in New York City organize excellent costume parties. Without a doubt Halloween is a date when fun is guaranteed in the Big Apple.

Going to a Football game

In October is already playing the NFL season and if you are interested in living a totally New York experience because going to see a football match is one of them. In New York City there are two emblematic teams are the Giants and the Jets, these two teams are the passion of thousands of New Yorkers, both play at MetLife Stadium and when they face is one of the best shows that exist in the Big Apple.

MetLife Stadium – Source

To attend an NFL game, you must buy tickets in advance, usually tickets to an American football game cost about 150 dollars, tickets are more expensive than those of a baseball or basketball game. You can buy tickets online and there are several pages that sell tickets at different prices, so we recommend you visit different websites before making the purchase.

In the stadium they sell food, but you can also bring your own snacks, but you will have to put them in transparent plastic bags, ZipLoc style. If you prefer to watch the game while you drink a beer, remember to bring your passport, as you will need it to buy alcohol in the stadium. So, which team will you go to see the Giants or the Jets.

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