In a city like New York it is not necessary to go to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a delicious dish and surprise your palate. The Big Apple, a city in constant evolution, has become the home of a new trend that is taking the streets of several cities on the planet, and that trend are the Food Trucks.

The Food Trucks are a new gastronomic alternative in which you can find everything from classic street food to gourmet dishes, save money and are also really great places to feel like a New Yorker.

Here are some of the best and most recommended Food Trucks in New York City.

Korilla BBQ

Korilla BBQ – Source

One of the most beloved Food Trucks in the city, they have an extensive menu where you can find a huge fusion of ingredients that will make your mouth water. Their products are fresh, the portions are large, and their staff is very friendly. Super recommended!

Frites N’ Meats

Frites N’ Meats – Source

You are looking for a place that sells the best hamburger in New York, because Frites N’ Meats can be that place. Their hamburgers are extremely delicious, perfectly cooked and one of the most recommended places for New Yorkers to eat. Plus, the fries they sell taste great and their hot sauce is great.

The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail – Source

In New York there are Food Trucks for all tastes, Cinnamon Snail is a street food stand designed for vegetarians where you can eat from a donut to a hamburger, that depends on your appetite. The ingredients are high quality, the food is served very quickly, and the food looks great and tastes amazing.

Comme Ci Comme Ca

Comme Ci Comme Ca

You want Middle Eastern food, go to Comme Ci Comme Ca. The menu of this food truck is excellent, all dishes are delicious and chef Samir prepares an exquisite Couscous, probably the best in the city. Food prices are on average, its service is good and to highlight, Comme Ci Comme Ca has won several cooking awards in New York.

Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki GR – Source

Excellent service, fast, economical and the food is very delicious. The specialty of this Food Truck is Greek gastronomy and is one of the best places to eat hummus. Its salads are delicious, the dishes are well balanced, is a place that will leave you a great memory of New York.

Schnitzel & Things

Schnitzel & Things

This Food Truck is fantastic, they prepare authentic Austrian food and sell the best fries in the whole city. Their dishes are inexpensive, perfectly cooked and their side dishes are exquisite. Keep in mind that when selling Austrian food most of its dishes are fried. This street food truck is the perfect choice if you want to get out of the routine and eat something unconventional.

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Biàn Dāng

Biàn Dāng – Source

Delicious Taiwanese food is what this Food Truck offers you. They have a wide menu for all tastes, but their most recommended dishes are their chicken or pork with rice and zongzi. The food is fresh but sometimes the mixture of ingredients can be a little greasy. The place is recommended, it is not an expensive food truck and the flavors of its dishes can be addictive.

Calexico Cart

Calexico Cart – Source

One of the most renowned Food Trucks in New York, Calexico Cart has won several awards and has been featured in several food magazines as one of the best places to eat in the Big Apple. His specialty is Mexican food and his star dish is Black Burrito. Usually there are long lines, but it’s worth the wait because their food is of the highest quality, also their service is excellent, so the dishes do not take long to get out.

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Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy’s – Source

You have walked for several hours in the city and you are very hungry, so go to Uncle Gussy’s, the portions served in this food truck are really plentiful. Uncle Glussy’s has been offering delicious dishes to New Yorkers for several years, their food is very tasty, it’s very well-seasoned, the value for money is excellent and their attention is great, 10 points for this food truck!


Taim – Source

Taim is a food truck well known for selling one of the best falafel sandwiches in New York. Taim’s specialty is Middle Eastern food and the idea of this cart is to sell healthy, nutritious food that feeds the body and soul. Its dishes are very rich, very crunchy, they are the perfect representation of Middle Eastern gastronomy and it is not an expensive place to go to eat. As an extra fact, the name Taim is of Hebrew origin and means tasty.

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