A great weekend plan you can do in New York City is to go to one of its Flea Markets nostalgic places where you will always find something you’ll love. And is that going to these Street Markets is almost an act of catharsis where everything is left behind and the brain only concentrates on looking for a good treasure, an object or something that reminds you all your life your visit to the Big Apple, also while many tourists only focus on going to department stores, today we want to show you that Flea Markets are great places to buy regardless of the brand. Here’s a list of New York’s best Flea Markets.

Let’s get started!

Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea – Source www.inhabitat.com

One of New York’s most atmospheric flea markets, Brooklyn Flea is still a place to visit today while touring the charming city of New York. Located in Williamsburg, you will find all kinds of antique items, furniture, vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, art, design objects and much more. This market is a whole world inside the Big Apple, so don’t miss it, it will fascinate you.

East 67th street Market in Manhattan

East 67th street Market in Manhattan – Source www.fleamapket.com

Visiting the 67th Street market is almost an obligation, it is one of the places that allows you to understand the idiosyncrasies of New Yorkers, so if this is your first tour of New York then don’t hesitate to go there, it will show you the life of the Big Apple from a totally different perspective than what you see on TV or in magazines. Every week the 67th Street Market opens its doors to its hundreds of visitors, all eager to find antiques, handicrafts, antique souvenirs, vintage clothing, even delicious foods including fresh farm produce and baked goods.

The vendors of this market always have something new to offer, both for locals and tourists. Without a doubt, this market is one of the most magical places in New York City.

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Green Flea

Green Flea – Source 365thingsinhouston.com

This is the largest and oldest flea market in New York City, it had a renovation some time ago and is now known as Grand Bazaar, but this place has not lost its essence. There you will find a lot of crafts, antique objects and clothes. A very interesting fact about this outdoor market is that part of the sales go to the four public schools that are located in the neighborhood, so if you want to have a good gesture in your tour of New York visit Green Flea and buy something there.

Queens International Night Market

Queens International Night Market

Undoubtedly this is one of the best markets that you will find in New York City, different to all, you know why, because it is a night market, a great proposal for a city like the Big Apple. By opening its doors during the night, the Queens International market attracts tourists, vendors and New Yorkers. Its atmosphere is sensational, it is an attractive place where you will find art, antiques, handicrafts, clothing and a wide variety of food, this market has everything and has become one of the hot spots in New York, so do not forget to visit it.

Artists & fleas

Artists & Fleas – Source www.artistsandfleas.com

Artists & Fleas may be the most eclectic flea market in New York City, we say this because in this place you will find everything from vintage items from the 50s to fine jewelry of the latest trend, this flea market is unique. In its corridors you can breathe art, fashion, design, it looks more like an exhibition than a street market, because this place meets the old with the modern, Artists & Fleas is a great place to visit in your stay in the Big Apple. The market always moves between Williamsburg and Chelsea Market, so before you google where Artists & Fleas will be located that day.

LIC Flea & Food

LIC Flea & Food – Source www.weheartastoria.com

A flea market that will offer you a very exciting experience, this flea market only opens on the weekend, but it is such an authentic place that has been gaining much fame in New York City, not only for its large extension but for the food sold there, is fantastic. In addition to antiques, handicrafts and fashion, there are many vendors that offer collectibles, some of them very exotic that are impossible to find in another flea market. LIC Flea & Food is a highly recommended flea market, visit it as soon as you can.

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Bushwick flea

Bushwick Flea

This New York flea market compared to the other flea markets in the city is a new place, with a fresh atmosphere, where you will see lots of fashion and music. Bushwick Flea is a street market where you won’t find big crowds, but you will see many young artists and fashion designers with new proposals. Among the old objects that stand out in this market are its vinyl, many sellers offer large collections of vinyl to buyers. This small market also offers its visitors a variety of local food stalls, perfect for satisfying their hunger after an afternoon of shopping.

Hell’s kitchen flea Market

Hell’s kitchen flea Market – Source www.fleamapket.com

One of the markets with some of the best antiques in the city, there you will find a wide variety of antique items where you will see toys, household items, jewelry, furniture, paintings, handmade products and collectibles such as baseball cards. A stroll through this market is a great experience, so don’t buy anything, you will see how buyers and collectors bargain for items that don’t attract the attention of many but are great treasures, and without realizing it many times you can find designer clothes like Versace or Oscar de la Renta. Without a doubt, one of the most surprising flea markets in New York City.