It never hurts to receive a few tips before making a trip, especially when you visit New York City, tips that will help you be well prepared and avoid mistakes that are usually made the first few times you visit the Big Apple.

So, look at this list of useful tips for your trip to New York and make the most of your visit to one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

Let’s begin!

Weather in New York City

One thing you should check before traveling to New York is the weather, this is essential if you do not want to have surprises once you are in the city. The Big Apple is very hot in summer, too cold in winter, cool in autumn and spring, so you already know what to pack in your suitcase when you visit New York.

New York Airports

New York Airports – Source

You should know that New York State has 3 airports, the JFK and La Guardia located in Queen, and the Newark airport located in New Jersey. So, check which airport you are going to get to find out how far you are from your hotel and what transportation you need to take to get to where you are going to stay.

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Transfer to the hotel

After hours of travel, a little exhausted the last thing you want to do is to get a ride to your hotel, so we recommend you hire a Private Transfer, this is the most comfortable way to get to New York. A Private Transfer has advantages such as that from the beginning you will know the total price of the transfer, you do not have to worry about your luggage and will leave you in the exact place where you are going to stay.

There are also other options, such as taking a taxi or the bus, if you prefer this check how much money you can cost a transfer from the airport to the hotel in one of these means of transport, so you will not get surprises.

Choosing the right hotel

Accommodation is something very important to keep in mind when you travel to New York City, so before booking a room we recommend you first read the hotel reviews, also check the accommodation rates as you can find very expensive hotels with rooms in not so pleasant conditions.

Hotels in New York – Source

One thing that can help you save money is to stay outside of Manhattan, the best options are Queens or Brooklyn, usually in these districts there are good hotels, that is worth it because if for a few more dollars you can stay in Manhattan do it. Remember, getting to a good hotel after a long day exploring the Big Apple is something your body will be very grateful for.

 The Metro your best ally

Once in Manhattan the subway will be your best ally to go from one place to another.  This means of transport will save you headaches, you will save money, you will be able to pass from one district to another without any problem and you will avoid the famous traffic jams of New York.

As soon as you have the chance to buy the MetroCard, with this card you will be able to make several trips around the city, in addition you will not have to be taking money to pay for the metro ticket. Another type of metro is that in several stations there is free Wi-Fi with no time limit, so you can check the route you are going to take, or the attractions you have nearby to visit.

Walking in New York

Although New York is a city with huge distances, don’t forget to walk through its incredible streets, this is the best way to enjoy all the magic of the Big Apple. Walking through New York City gives you the opportunity to find places you wouldn’t have imagined existed, as well as enter different stores, visit different parks and feel the true life of the New Yorker.

New York

Keep in mind that the pace of life in the city is fast so don’t be stopping in the middle of the street as someone may stumble and if you want to check something on your smartphone do a corner or a side of the street to give way to others.

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Eating more than just hamburgers

Although eating a hamburger in New York is something you must do, do not leave this is your daily food, do not make it routine, on the contrary, try to find restaurants that fit your budget and visit them, New York has a great gastronomic offer that you must take advantage.

On the other hand, he also eats at the Food Trucks that you find on the street, usually his food is exquisite.  The city is also known for its Pizza, so this is another thing you should do, go to a place to eat a pizza slide, it can be a dollar or a much more expensive one, but you can’t leave New York without eating a pizza.

Very important, the tips

This is often one of the most confusing things for many tourists, because tips can vary depending on the service or place where you are, but keep in mind that even if it is not a law to leave a tip always do so, because many people who work in New York supplement their salary with tips that they are leaving customers.

We share some information that will serve as an example and with which you can get an idea of how much money you should leave tip. In restaurants and taxis, it is usual to leave 15% or 20% of the total cost of the service, in hotels it is usual to leave housekeeping 2 dollars per day, and if you go to a cafeteria the traditional thing is to leave 2 dollars in the tip jar.

Crossing a bridge on foot

Crossing a bridge on foot- Source

Finally, if you are going to cross one of the famous bridges of the city do it with comfortable shoes, otherwise you will not enjoy walking on the bridge. One of the bridges we recommend you visit is the Brooklyn Bridge, from there you will reach to see the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the New York skyline. The best time to cross it is in the afternoon, just when the sun is falling on the city, it is a very beautiful spectacle that you will never forget.

Be careful with the scams

Do not open a map in the middle of the street because they will realize that you are a tourist and many people with bad intentions and who are looking for money will approach you to offer something, can be tickets to a show or a sporting event, even tickets at a discount to take the subway, if this happens to you, ignore them and do not take anything from their hands. It is not that you should be in a state of alert all the time, but if you must keep in mind that in New York scams are very common, then it is better to prevent and avoid a bad time in your trip.