Where to eat the best hot dogs in New York City? hot-dogs are cheap, satiating, easy to prepare, quick to eat and very, very delicious! That’s why we have decided to create a guide to the most popular places, restaurants and street stalls in New York City to go for a delicious Hot Dog.

Let’s start!

Gray’s Papaya

Gray’s Papaya – Source www.grubstreet.com

This location on Broadway Ave and 72nd Street is possibly the best place to go for a Hot Dog in New York City. The hot dogs here can be covered with caramelized onions or the traditional sauerkraut, a German salad made with cabbage. For only $4.99 we can enjoy 2 great hot dogs and a drink, plus the hot dog can be accompanied with onions and cabbage without having to pay an additional cost.  If you want to add cheese or chili you must pay $0.50

Everyone in New York knows Gray’s Papaya from the movie Fools Rush In, so it’s easy to find queues at the store.  A mythical and highly recommended place to enjoy a delicious hot-dog.

Katz Delicatessen

Katz Delicatessen – Source en.wikipedia.org

Another very popular restaurant in New York City and although its fame is due to its giant pastrami sandwiches in Katz you can also enjoy one of the best hot dogs in the city. The sausages they use for their hot dogs are made from 100% beef, which gives them a special touch, a very special flavor that makes them unique in the Big Apple.

As usual everything is big in Katz, so if you go there you should know that the hot-dog is big size at an excellent price. The restaurant is located at 205 East Houston Street and in addition to its famous hot dogs we also recommend you try its desserts, they are finger-licking’.

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Nathan’s Famous

Nathan’s-Famous – Source www.time.com

If we are mentioning where to eat the best hot dogs in New York, then Nathan’s Famous cannot be left off the list. Since 1916 this iconic restaurant has been delighting each of its guests with delicious hot dogs and its emblematic wavy potatoes.

Nathan’s Famous is an institution in NYC, it’s been open for over 100 years, something amazing! So, don’t hesitate to come to this place if on your New York travel you are looking to try the traditional New York hot dog, you will love it.  Nathan’s Famous is located at 1310 Surf Ave. on Coney Island. One thing you should know is that Nathan’s is the home of the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest in NYC.

Bark Hot Dogs

Bark Hot Dogs – Source www.thebrooklyngame.com

This restaurant is one of the most popular hot dog places in New York City. Bark’s menu is very famous for the combinations and toppings they offer, and the value for money is something that makes it stand out from the rest, as it is an inexpensive restaurant that offers super delicious and excellent quality food.

Since 2009, the year Bark Hot Dogs opened its doors, it has become a very famous place in New York City, so much so that there are now several Bark Hot Dogs throughout the city, although if you want to go to the place where it all began you should go to Bergen Street 474 in Park Slope, located in Brooklyn.

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Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs – Source www.newyorkcityfeelings.com

If you are looking for a not so traditional hot dog and want to try something new, then CRIF Dogs is the restaurant to go to on your trip to New York. This food place has a very varied menu, possibly the most varied in Manhattan, there you will find hot dogs like Tsunami, a bacon-wrapped hot dog with teriyaki sauce, pineapple and green onion or the Spicy Red Neck a hot dog with bacon and completely covered with chili sauce, cabbage salad and jalapenos.

The restaurant is in the East Village at 113 St. Mark’s Place and its creative menu makes it one of the best places to go to eat Hot Dogs in New York.  Amazing local, quality food, awesome staff, and incredible atmosphere. Check this place out!

You want to know how it all started?

Hot dog sellers first appeared in New York in 1860, when the first German immigrants decided to market their products and cuisine in the Bowery. It didn’t take long for Hot Dogs to become popular in the city and in 1867 New York’s first hot dog stand opened its doors at Coney Island, becoming a success.

Hot dogs became widespread in the U.S. because of typical sales on baseball fields, as well as on other sports fields where large numbers of people congregated and gradually became a “typical” American meal of world fame.