A great way to enjoy the summer in New York is to go to an outdoor restaurant for lunch. In the summer people want to spend more time on the street, they take advantage of the sun to go out and have fun, to visit corners of the city that in other times of the year they would not visit, in short, people’s lives change during the summer.

And one of the best activities you can do is to go to an open-air restaurant, have breakfast, lunch, dinner or something to eat at any time of the day in one of these restaurants, it fills you with vitality, it fills you with energy, you feel calm and you enjoy your meal much more.

So if you plan to travel to New York in the summer then going to an outdoor restaurant is one of the best activities you can do and so you know where to go down here we’ll share a list of the best outdoor restaurants in New York City with you.

Let’s start!


Located at 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

This restaurant has one of the most spectacular terraces in the city, where you will have an incredible view of New York and enjoy a beautiful garden while you enjoy its star dish, pizza.

Roberta’s – Source nyc.thedrinknation.com

Roberta’s is almost an oasis, where you will undoubtedly have an incredible time, relax and live a 100% New York experience. There is usually a line to enter the restaurant as it is very popular in the city, but we recommend that you wait a little and enter because this place is absolutely wonderful. Roberta’s is a very original place worth visiting.

Edi & the Wolf

Located at 102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

As its name suggests, this restaurant looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. The decoration of the place will fascinate you, the restaurant is so well decorated that it will leave you speechless.

Edi & the Wolf – Source www.nycgo.com

Going to Edi & the Wolf for a bite to eat is quite an experience, and as soon as you walk through the front door you feel like you are in another world, surrounded by wood, flowers, beautiful bushes, its rustic atmosphere makes this restaurant a wonderful place that offers you much more than just a delicious dish of food. A recommendation, before you go to Edi & The Wolf call and book a table as it is usually full.

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Located at 222 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Anella is a restaurant that offers you a space in which you can escape from the city, from its noisy and noisy daily life. This place is beautiful, surrounded by plants, decorated with wooden tables and with an ideal atmosphere if you prefer to go out to eat alone.

Anella – Source www.nydailynews.com

This French-style restaurant has a very varied menu and offers customers an exquisite meal.  The attention of the place is great and its atmosphere is so welcoming that you will never want to leave. A perfect restaurant for that on long summer days.

Traif Restaurant

Located at 229 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

A very special place, perfect for inviting your couple to lunch, a romantic place that will turn a normal summer day into a very special moment in your life, a restaurant to live a unique moment that you will always remember in your life.

Traif – Source www.torahphilosophy.com

In Traif the food is sensational, the chef is very creative and mixes ingredients to create unique dishes, and the menu changes according to the season so in Traif there will always be something new to try. The service is very good, the staff is always attentive to help you, and without a doubt this restaurant is great.

The Farm on Adderley

Located at 1108 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218

The restaurant with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a delicious brunch in New York. This restaurant has become a must for all those who visit the Big Apple and its menu is very well balanced, offering a wide variety of dishes for different tastes.

The Farm on Adderley – Source www.thefarmonadderley.com

Something to highlight is that although it is not a very large restaurant, its tables are well distributed and give you that sense of intimacy that is necessary when you go out to eat. At The Farm on Adderley you’ll feel great, you’ll love its homely atmosphere, the food is inexpensive, the service is great, a restaurant that has everything to become one of your favorite places in New York.


The Pines

Located at 284 Third Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

This restaurant has an incredible backyard, a beautiful space where you can invite your couple to a romantic dinner. It is a restaurant with a very original decoration where the use of wood is the main material to create a relaxed, colorful and pleasant atmosphere for diners.

The Pines -Source www.thepinesbk.com

The Pines has a very solid and balanced menu where you will find delicious dishes and desserts. The star dish on the menu is the lobster prepared in vanilla butter. The restaurant also has a large selection of handcrafted beers and cocktails that are the perfect complement to the main course. You can say that it is a restaurant that seeks perfection because once you enter you realize that The Pines takes care of every detail.

We hope you will find this list very useful in your visit to New York and do not hesitate to tell us in the comments on which of these restaurants you would like to go to or if you have any restaurants to include in the list.J