Philadelphia is a great city to go out to eat, can be in a park, the City of Fraternal Love is a beautiful city to enjoy outdoors, that’s why eating in a food truck is one of the best plans you can make in Philadelphia.

So, here we recommend the best Food Trucks in Philadelphia, an updated list of the 7 best food trucks that exist today in the City of Fraternal Love.

Bangin’ Curry Franklin

Philadelphia food trucks

Bangin’ Curry Franklin – Source

Oriental food will always be a pleasure for most food lovers, so if you’re a big fan of Japanese food then Bangin’ Curry Franklin is the food truck you should visit. Its menu features a wide variety of rice dishes, which you can combine with sauces, chicken, fries, pork and many other things. Bangin’ Curry Franklin is a well-known food truck in the city, after winning in 2018 the prize for best Food Truck in Philadelphia, this food truck has become a great attraction for many tourists. If you can visit Bangin’ Curry Franklin do not hesitate to do so, you will get a pleasant surprise and an unforgettable memory of the City of Fraternal Love. This food truck is usually located near 17th Street and Washington Avenue.

Authentik Byrek

Each of the dishes sold in this food truck will make you suck your fingers; its food is super delicious. Authentik Byrek is usually located near the Drexler University campus. The food of this food truck specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, which includes authentic dishes from countries like Albania, Turkey and Greece, so you’ll find a variety of pastries filled with different ingredients such as meat with lettuce and cheddar cheese. Authentik Byrek is one of the best food trucks you can find in Philadelphia, and its dishes are perfect to eat something light, delicious and follow the City of Fraternal Love tour.

Undrgrnd Donuts

Philadelphia food trucks

Undrgrnd Donuts – Source Facebook

Would you like to eat something sweet, super delicious and that you will never forget in your life? Undrgrnd Donuts is the perfect place to do it, this food truck, which is better known as a gourmet donut truck will always give you the opportunity to buy a freshly baked, hot and fresh donut to which you can put an infinite number of toppings that offer in Undrgrnd Donuts. This food truck is very popular in Philadelphia, many people tend to visit Undrgrnd Donuts if they want to calm their sweet cravings, the donut preferred by the locals is called The Homer, a vanilla donut with pieces of bitter chocolate. An incredible place, you can find it in different areas of the city, festivals and outdoor events.

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Tony’s Farm Table

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s impossible to resist a pizza slice, especially when it’s made with fresh ingredients. Mike Hauke is the creator of Tony’s Farm Table, a food truck that cooks pizza in the traditional way. Chef Mike returns to the roots of artisan pizza, creating a pizza with a flavor unlike any other pizza in Philadelphia. So, if you’re in Philadelphia, you can’t leave this wonderful city without trying a delicious handcrafted pizza from Tony’s Farm Table.

The Chilly Banana

This food truck turned the banana into a great gourmet dish, full of flavor and aromas that are a delight to your senses. The Chilly Banana is a food truck for everyone, from vegetarians to non-vegetarians can go to delight with each of its dishes, in addition to being very rich dishes are very healthy, as its main ingredient are fruits. On the other hand, in recent years it has received hundreds of positive comments from people living in Philadelphia, so you can rest assured that you will always eat something delicious there.

This food truck has also appeared in several gastronomic magazines in the city. The Chilly Banana can be found in different parts of the city and at most of Philadelphia’s most famous events and festivals.

Foolish Waffles

Foolish Waffles

Foolish Waffles – Source

Well, if you’re looking for the best waffle in the world, then you should go straight to Foolish Waffles, a food truck that specializes in cooking waffles that you’ll never forget. They’ve managed to turn waffles into a delicious gourmet dish, which is perfectly accompanied by a variety of ingredients that will make you suck your fingers. Foolish Waffles is a renowned Philadelphia food truck, has been nominated for many gastronomy awards and many food magazines recognize that this small food truck has earned a place in the hearts of all those who live and visit Philadelphia.

If you want to have a great Philadelphia’s memories, then you can’t help but visit Foolish Waffles.

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Tacos Don Memo

Tacos Don Memo has brought the best of Mexican gastronomy to Philadelphia, so if you want to try the authentic Mexican cuisine, this food truck is one of the best you can find along the City of Fraternal Love. Tacos Don Memo is usually located during the week on Walmut Street with 38 during lunchtime and on weekends it is around the Clark Park Farmers’ Market. In its menu you will find a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and moles. The favorite dish for many in Philadelphia is Taco al Pastor, a delicacy for the palate. This food truck is directly managed by Don Memo, the owner of this great street food stand. In addition to a great menu, Tacos Don Memo is an affordable option for any tourist who wants to save a little money while touring Philadelphia.