Philadelphia is a wonderful city only two hours from New York, so if you’re visiting New York then you should consider a trip to Philadelphia and spend a great day touring one of the most enchanting cities you can find in the United States.

So, if you’re up for a tour of Philadelphia, here below we share 30 activities you can do in this fantastic city.

Let’s get started!

1) Walk along John F. Kennedy Boulevard and take a picture with flags from all over the world.

2) Visit the Queen Village neighborhood, one of the oldest areas of the city and the United States. There you will be able to see up close what the first neighborhoods of the city were like.

3) One thing you can’t miss if you’re in Philadelphia is to visit the city of Lancaster and see the Amish customs up close.

4) Stroll down South Street, enter the Italian market and taste an authentic Italian pizza in Philadelphia.

5) Visit one of the symbols of the city, the sculpture LOVE, which is in JFK Square. There you can take a photo to remember your trip to Philadelphia.

Things to do in Philadelphia

Things to do in Philadelphia – Source Shutterstock

6) Watching the sunset from Boathouse Row is one of the best plans you can make if you’re hiking in Philadelphia.

7) Do you want to visit the second museum in the world with more impressionist paintings? Then just go to The Barnes Foundation, an awesome place you’ll love.

8) Since you are thinking of visiting The Barnes Foundation, then you can’t miss the Rodin Museum, going to this museum is a great experience where in addition to seeing beautiful works of art you can walk through one of Philadelphia’s most wonderful gardens.

9) If you’re thinking of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, then the best thing you can do is take a stroll through Longwood Gardens, beautiful gardens where you can do a lot of outdoor activities.

10) You want to go shopping in Philadelphia, then go straight to Century 21, there you will find a lot of discounts, plus this store is much quieter than the one in New York. The best thing about shopping there is the large amount of money you will be able to save.

11) Walking the streets of South Street is another must if you’re touring Philadelphia.

12) If you love science you should visit The Franklin Institute, an amazing science museum where you will have a lot of fun. In addition to visiting it, take a photo of its impressive façade.

13) Take a photo of the Philadelphia City Hall, a place that will impress you with its beauty and great magnitude.

Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia City Hall – Source Shutterstock

14) Visiting Reading Terminal Market is a must on any Philadelphia tour, not going there is like not being in Fraternal Love City. The best thing you can do at Reading Terminal Market is eat at one of its venues.

15) You want to visit the cell where Al Capone was imprisoned, then visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, the oldest prison in the United States. In October, for Halloween, nightly tours are held in the prison.

16) Something you can never miss on your Philadelphia tour is a photo next to the Liberty Bell, one of the greatest symbols of the U.S. War of Independence.

17) Going to one of the most impressive art environments is another thing to do in Philadelphia, so don’t hesitate to visit Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, a place you’ll love and where you’ll spend many hours having fun.

18) If you’re on a tour of Philadelphia you can’t help but do these two things, first, go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and marvel at everything inside this museum, and second, take a picture of yourself next to Rocky’s statue.

19) If you’re planning to travel to Philadelphia in the spring, then don’t miss the cherry blossom at Fairmount Park.

20) Another activity you can do when you are on a tour of Philadelphia is to visit the church and Christ Church Cemetery, where you will find the tomb of Benjamin Franklin, one of the most important figures in American history.

Christ Church Cemetery Philadelphia

Christ Church Cemetery Philadelphia

21) To visit Philadelphia is to visit many historical places in the United States and one of them is Elfreth’s Alley, the first American residential street. This street is beautiful, its houses are very well preserved, and you can take many incredible photos.

22) Another great place to visit on your Philadelphia tour is the incredible Benjamin Franklin Bridge, from there you’ll have great views of the city, you’ll love it!

23) If you want to know where the first U.S. flag was sewn, then you should visit Betsy Ross’s museum house, in addition to seeing the first U.S. flag you will find other objects from the colonial era that will fascinate you.

24) If you’re hiking around Philadelphia with kids, we recommend visiting Penn’s Landing, a perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family and do lots of outdoor activities. Plus, this place has hundreds of great restaurants.

25) Another great activity you can do if you travel to Philadelphia with children is to visit Please Touch Museum, a place where children will have an unforgettable time.

26) One of Philadelphia’s typical dishes is Philly Cheesesteak, so you can’t leave the City of Fraternal Love without trying this delicious dish.

27) As we have told you Philadelphia is a very important place for American history, so another of the places you should visit is Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence of the United States was signed.

Independence Hall Philadelphia

Independence Hall Philadelphia

28) Chinatown is another of those places you should visit on your Philadelphia tour, there you’ll see another of Philadelphia’s largest communities. Visiting Chinatown is a great opportunity to try some Asian snacks and find souvenirs.

29) This activity is for lovers of literature, take advantage of your tour of Philadelphia to visit the house museum of writer Edgard Allan Poe, is a great place and the entrance is free.

30) If you are going to visit the Amish community of Lancaster then one thing you should do is take a ride in an authentic Amish carriage, you will have a great time and you will love it.