Want to know what movies have been filmed in New York and what places were used as stages? Take a look at this list of movies filmed in New York and discover some of the most wonderful corners of the Big Apple.

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A great film, full of black humor where the protagonist lives in a fantasy world, a dream life where reality and dreams are difficult to differentiate. The director of this film is Alejandro González Iñárritu, who won the Oscar for best film with Birdman.


Birdman – Source www.vix.com

Among the most famous scenes that were filmed in New York, is the scene in which Michael Keaton runs through the streets of Times Square in underwear, a very funny scene where you can see that the character is entering a crisis. In addition, in the film, we can also see the famous Broadway theatres, as well as other iconic Big Apple theatres.

The Devil wears Prada

Set in different streets of New York, this film tells the story of a woman who manages to reach the top of the fashion industry, but to do so, had to learn to live in a very difficult world where glamour and chaos seem to be synonymous. Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are the protagonists of this satire, in which they must survive and demonstrate their talent every day if they want to remain part of Fashion.

The Devil wears Prada

The Devil wears Prada – Source www.vox.com

During The Devils Wears Prada you will constantly see the skyscrapers of New York, its streets, the famous Fifth Avenue and the iconic Condé Nast Building located in Times Square and home to Vogue, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker magazines. In addition, Condé Nast is the building where the gigantic NASDAQ electronic screen is located. It is famous for being the screen where stock quotes and other financial data, important for New Yorkers and businessmen, are projected.

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The Ghostbuster

Who doesn’t remember this great movie? The Ghostbuster is perhaps one of the best films that exist, is one of those films that you can see several times and do not get bored, its story is amazing and manages to connect you from the first moment. In the film you will follow in the footsteps of a group of parapsychologists who discover an evil energy that wants to take over the amazing city of New York, and they will do everything possible to stop it.


The Ghostbusters – Source www.nycgo.com

This film shows us different corners of the city, some places more famous than others, but each of them is spectacular, seeing how the car travels through New York is incredible, makes you feel like you’re in the Big Apple. Among the most famous and easily recognizable places are the Lincoln Center, the New York Public Library and Central Park. Other great places you can see in the movie are Columbia University, Tirbeca’s 8th Company, this is the building that serves as Ghostbusters headquarters.

Undoubtedly this classic of the 80s is one of the best films to see what the Big Apple is like before making a tour of New York.


Another great classic movie you need to see before you tour New York. A great black comedy film directed by Woody Allen, considered one of the best film directors in the world. Here we will see the story of a writer who loves New York, his hometown, but at the same time is confused by the magnificence of the Big Apple. It’s also a love story full of conflicts, some of them very funny and with which you might identify.


Manhattan Source letterboxd.com

The district of Manhattan is the setting for this great movie, you will see the streets, the shops, the incredible skyscrapers of New York and many other things. There is no doubt that the Queensboro Bridge is perhaps the element that best represents this film, the union of two districts and two people who are very different. Highly recommended film, on the other hand, the Manhattan soundtrack is great!

Spiderman Homecoming

This story that tells the adventures of young Peter Parker is one of the best movies you can see before making a trip to New York. The movie is full of places that exist in the city and which you can visit very easily, to see Spiderman Homecoming is to be one hundred percent in New York.

Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming – Source cochinopop.com

Peter is a guy from Queens, who lives right next to the metro circuit known as Queens Boulevard, this is one of the places you’ll see in the movie many times. Another location is the intersection between 31st St and 23rd Ave in Astoria, there we see the young Spiderman running. One of the most incredible action scenes that happens in the movie is when the Staten Island Ferry splits in two after an explosion. And you want to know where Peter Parket studies, the school is Franklin K. Lane High School, located in Brooklyn.

On the other hand, during the movie the incredible Spiderman has to travel to Washington DC, there you will see the intrepid hero rescuing his friends who are trapped in the Washington Monument, better known as the Obelisk. You’ll also see the National Mall, a giant esplanade where some of America’s most emblematic monuments are located.

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Home Alone 2

Another excellent film to know more about New York, but this time, New York at Christmas, one of the best times of the year to visit the Big Apple. This film tells the story of the boy who arrives in New York, first he is scared to see how impressive is the City That Never Sleeps, time later, clears his mind and knows that is in one of the most spectacular cities that exist in the world and decides to live one of the most incredible experiences, enjoy New York.

The adventures during the film will allow you to explore iconic places in New York such as Central Park, Manhattan, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Washington Square, Radio City Hall, Bethesda Fountain, and the New York Public Library.

Did you know that Donald Trump makes a small appearance in Home Alone 2?