In New York City there are great jazz clubs, the Big Apple is popular for being the Mecca of this musical genre, so if you are planning to spend a blue night in the City That Never Sleeps down here we share a selection of the best jazz clubs in New York. You’ll find everything, cheap places, other world-famous, this guide will be of great help to live an unforgettable experience in your tour of New York.

Let´s start

Smalls Live

Smalls Live

Smalls Live – Source

An exceptional place to listen to jazz. Founded in 1997, Small Jazz Club became a meeting point for many jazz musicians in New York City. Years passed and after some problems the club had to close its doors. In 2007 Small Jazz Club is reborn, with a new and vibrant proposal, it is now a more organized place, different from the one it opened in the nineties, but what has not changed is its atmosphere, full of a mystical aura to create music and where musicians and non-musicians can go to enjoy jazz, relax in the dark and let themselves be carried away by each note.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Fat Cat – Source

Billiards, pong, and jazz music are the ambiance at Fat Cat, one of New York City’s iconic jazz clubs. Popular for being an economic club, its entrance costs 3 dollars, and because it is not obligatory to consume some drink inside the place, so, if you just want to sit and listen to jazz all night, in Fat Cat you can do it, although if you want to play billiards or some other game you will have to pay. The Fat Cat Club is an institution in the Big Apple, an obligatory stop for lovers of jazz music who are on tour in New York.

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Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note – Source

You could say Blue Note is the Mecca of jazz in New York City. An authentic place was founded in 1981 and since it opened its doors world-class artists such as Tito Puente (RIP), Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Stevie Wonder frequent the club. Over the years Blue Note has given space to other musical genres, including R&B, hip hop, and funk. An avant-garde jazz club that will always surprise you and where you will spend an unforgettable night in New York City.

Birdland Club


Birdland – Source

A jazz temple, that’s Birdland Club. This jazz club that first opened its doors in 1949 is popularly known in New York City as the “jazz corner. This club enjoys a unique worldwide fame, is located in Hells Kitchen, and artists like Count Basie, John Coltrane, Miles Davis have played there. The club is charming, it’s the meeting point for many jazz musicians from the Big Apple, so if you’re planning to visit Birdland Club it’s best to call to book a place. It’s not an expensive club, the entrance fee is $20 and it’s usual on its stage to see improvising musicians.

55 Bar

55 Bar

55 Bar – Source YouTube

Another historic New York jazz club was founded in 1919, undoubtedly a place with a lot of history. The best thing about this club is to see how famous jazz musicians get together with new jazz musicians to perform classics like “My Favorite Things” “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” “Satls Peanuts” and many other great songs. 55 Bar has always given musicians from New York and around the world the opportunity to show off their talent, a sign of which is that Norah Jones was discovered in this club. The club is open 7 days a week until 4 a.m., and you will always find a group playing, the entrance fee is 15 dollars, but if you want to enter you have to arrive early, because 55 Bar is a small club and because of its popularity is filled fast. Highly recommended if you are new to jazz and want to experience this beautiful music up close in New York City.

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Mezzrow – Source

Mezzrow is a lounge where jazz lovers can listen to excellent music, in a very intimate atmosphere in the company of the best New York pianists. It’s a jazz club is an elegant place, where besides listening to jazz you can have delicious cocktails, perfect to go cheering the night little by little. Its decoration is vintage, reminds you of the twenties, a sober place to listen to good music. The club is named after the famous Milton “Mezz”, an extraordinary clarinetist, who was well known in the jazz community for selling marijuana cigarettes. In the 1960s “Mezz” became a promoter of the rights of equality and integration of the black community in the United States.

Jazz Standard

Jazz Standard

Jazz Standard – Source

Jazz Standard is a legendary club of the Big Apple, James Polsky, jazz drummer, opened this club in 1990 and over time became an emblem of Manhattan and New York City. Jazz legend Etta Jones have been featured in Jazz Standard. In this club not only great Master of Jazz are presented, there, thanks to its program Jazz Standard Youth, every Sunday opens a space for new musicians from the city who want to perform in this iconic club. In addition to music, the club is also recognized in the Big Apple for its cocktails and menu focused on southern cuisine.

Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola

Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola – Source

Another jazz icon in New York. Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola is a stylish place where renowned jazz musicians perform, and you’ll have a spectacular view of Manhattan and Central Park. The atmosphere of the club is great, once you enter Dizzy’s Club you feel the vibrant energy of jazz, plus the sound of the club is spectacular. The club rates are between 30 and 50 dollars, we suggest you always reserve a table otherwise it is difficult to enter, it is usually full 7 days a week. On the other hand, its menu is exceptional, perfect to spend a great night having dinner and listening to jazz.



Garage – Source

Every day new musicians aspiring to become jazz stars and local legends with years of experience perform at the Garage Jazz Club. The atmosphere of the place is incredible, this club located in the heart of the Greenwich Village, is a great place to live a jazz night away from the luxuries that exist in other clubs in New York, is a club that takes you to the essence of jazz. On its walls hang portraits of great musicians, its somewhat rustic decoration transports you to the most brilliant years of jazz in the Big Apple.

Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard – Source

One of the most recognized clubs in New York, a club very crowded by New York jazz lovers. The history of this club is surprising, opened its doors in 1935, and before becoming a jazz club was a space where comedy and poetry shows were presented. It is said that all the great jazz musicians passed through Village Vanguard, from Mile Davis to Bill Evans. This jazz institution is a great club to visit with friends, you will spend an incredible night set with excellent music. If you want to enter this temple of jazz, you must arrive early to find an available table or make a reservation. Villa Vanguard is a club that seduces its visitors with the vibrant notes of Jazz.