Historic structures, postmodern buildings, cobbled stone streets, amazing museums among other things, make Boston in an incredible place to visit, so if you are planning to embark on a tour to Boston we have created a kind of guide that will help you to spend an unforgettable day in this remarkable city, so checking out these essential things to do in Boston and have a good trip.

Let’s get started!

Walk the Freedom Trail

Boston is an incredible city, well known for has several tourist activities and various historical sites, and one of them is the Freedom Trail, a trail that will allow you to visit 16 different places such as churches, old meeting houses, burying grounds, buildings, statues, and sculptures that were essential spots in the American Revolution.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting places that you can visit while you are taking a tour to Boston, this trail is amazing, in this place you will learn about the American history and the city, moreover, you will take breathtaking photos of Boston touring this place. Taking a journey throughout the Freedom Trail is an essential thing to do in Boston.

See Boston from the Skywalk Observatory

One of the best plans to do in Boston sees the city from the Skywalk Observatory, a place where you will feel like you are touching the clouds with your hands. The Skywalk Observatory is on the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower, from there you will have 360-degree views of the city, a memorable experience to also will let you take amazing photos of Boston.

Skywalk Observatory

Skywalk Observatory – Source www.afar.com

In short, go up to Skywalk Observatory is an impressive experience and an essential thing to do meanwhile you are taking an excursion in Boston, view the city from this place is extraordinary, something that you will never forget.

Explore the Faneuil Hall Marketplace

One of the other historical places that you should visit in a journey to Boston is the Faneuil Hall Marketplaces, known as The Cradle of Liberty, this spot is an essential place in the city and it was an important location during the American Revolution. Nowadays, this marketplace is visited for thousands of tourists, besides, it is a crucial point for the locals.

Once there you will be able to explore the cobblestone paths, as well as, watch street performers, go into the stores, eating in the local restaurants and much more, is an incredible place to spend time in Boston.

On the other hand, there you will find the incredible Quincy Market, probably the most known market in the city, an enchanting place that worth visiting.

Explore one of Boston’s famous museums

Boston is home to many fascinating museums, there are many incredible institutions that you could visit during your tour to Boston. The city has stunning places where you will find a world-class collection of paintings, as well as, artifacts from different regions of the world and many more interesting things.

One of the most popular museums in Boston is the New England Aquarium, a place for people of all ages. Another place that worth a visit is the Museum of Science, a place for children and adults where you can learn many new interesting things through educational activities.

the Museum of Science

the Museum of Science – Source www.timeout.com

The Isabella Stewart Garden Museum is another fascinating place to visit in the city, there you will enjoy various paintings of different recognizes artists, additionally, you will be able to walk by its beautiful gardens during visiting the museum, going to this place is an experience beyond the art.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Boston is another fascinating place to visit, this place has a large collection of modern and abstract art, this museum contains more than 500,000 works of art, to be one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world.

This museum welcomes more than one million visitors each year, tourists will able to see from contemporary art to antiquities Egyptian, as well as, special exhibitions that take place throughout the year, undoubtedly, a fabulous place to visit.

Trinity Church

Another incredible place to visit during your tour to Boston is the Trinity Church, an amazing temple considered by the Bostonians one of the most beautiful, unique, and important buildings of the city.

This church is majestic, the temple has outstanding beauty, was founded in 1733 and since the time the church has been considered as a vital place of the city.

The temple is located in Copley Square, next to the John Hancock Tower, on the outside of the church, you will see a style of Romanesque architecture that gives an impressive touch to the temple, inside the Trinity Church you will find several stained glass windows, splendid mosaics, and amazing hand-painted murals, as well as, a large collection of choir organs.

Did you know that some scenes from The Boondock Saints were filmed within Trinity Church?

Trinity Church is one of America’s most beautiful buildings, certainly, it is an essential place to visit in Boston, a breathtaking church that offers a unique experience to those who visit.