There are many things to do in New York in December, for starters, we can talk about Christmas Eve in Times Square, a fantastic plan that you must do at least once in your life. On the other hand, one thing you can’t miss in December in the Big Apple is going to see the Christmas shop windows on Fifth Avenue, you will be surprised.

These are just some of the plans you can make in New York during December, if you want to know in detail each of them and know other plans to live an incredible excursion to New York, join us, here we will tell you what to do to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Big Apple.

Let’s get started!

Celebrate New Year in Times Square

Celebrate New Year in Times Square Source

Joining the midnight countdown to say goodbye to the year in Times Square is a unique and indescribable sensation, being there and being part of the crowd that sees the famous illuminated sphere fall is a plan that you must do at least once in your life. Here are some recommendations that will help you have a great time in this traditional New York event:

  • The best places to see the fall of the sphere are on Broadway from 43rd Street to 50th Street, and along Seventh Avenue.
  • Public transportation is the best way to get to the event, but we recommend getting off a few stations further back from Times Square, so you can avoid large crowds while walking.
  • Bring some snacks to spend the long hours of waiting, but do not bring alcoholic beverages because you will not be allowed access with them the police will confiscate them.
  • Warm up, at this time of the year it is usual that temperatures drop quite a bit so if you don’t go well sheltered you will freeze.
  • There are no public restrooms and local restaurants do not allow non-clients in, so try not to drink a lot of liquids and go to the restroom before you get to Times Square.
  • Finally, get enough rest the day before so you can enjoy this great event to the fullest.

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Fifth Avenue Holiday Showcases

Every year, New York City’s largest stores bring their showcases to life with truly stunning Christmas decorations. So, walking down Fifth Avenue to see each of the Christmas shop windows is another great plan to do on your New York tour in December.

Fifth Avenue Holiday Showcases – Source

Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Barneys, Tiffany & Co and Saks Fifth Avenue are New York’s most emblematic Christmas display windows. These department stores always surprise visitors with impressive decorations where creativity reaches such a high point that each window looks like a work of art.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Taking a trip to the Dyker Heights neighborhood, located in Brooklyn, and taking a tour to see how the houses in this area of New York are decorated is a plan that will allow you to live Christmas in all its splendor. For decades this famous neighborhood has adorned the facades of its houses with fantastic decorations that look like they were taken from a movie and show you how important Christmas is for New Yorkers.

Dyker Heights – Source

This plan is essential in your City Tour of New York, since it is one of the most beautiful traditions that the city possesses, to go to Dyker Heights is to revive great memories, it is to feel the magic of Christmas, it is to explore one of the best spectacles that the city has for the tourists that visit it during the Christmas season, without a doubt it is a tour that you cannot miss.

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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Going to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center has become a tradition for New Yorkers and tourists. This world-famous tree is one of New York City’s greatest attractions, its lights come on after Thanksgiving, and it’s the way Christmas is welcomed in the city.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – Source

The lighting of the tree is very important, thousands of people go to Rockefeller Center to see how each of the 50,000 LED lights are illuminating this great Christmas tree that averages between 65 and 100 feet high. So, go visit this icon of the city should be on your tour of New York, also around the tree you will find great Christmas sculptures that you can also visit and photograph. One thing to keep in mind is that the tree will remain standing and lit until January 7, 2019.

Go to the Rockettes

This show, which has been presented since 1925 at the mythical Radio City Music Hall, is one of the Christmas plans par excellence. If you can go to see the Rockettes, don’t hesitate for a second, as you will be transported to a world of Christmas stories where you will see the Rockettes performing their famous choreographies on beautiful stages that you will love.

The Rockettes – Source

This show is for all audiences, you can go to see it with children, for its great demand we suggest you buy tickets months in advance because some statistics say that almost two million people will see it per season.

The Rockettes train several months to achieve this fantastic show, it is in this way that they get that perfect synchronization on the stage that captivates viewers. You can see this show until January 1, 2019, when it closes the performance of the Rockettes at Radio City Hall.