In addition to be the fashion capital, New York City is also the perfect place to buy technology, especially laptops, cell phones and gadgets. In the Big Apple there are a lot of technology stores, some well-known like the famous Apple Store and others that are not so popular but are certainly perfect for technology lovers who always want to have the latest in technology in their hands.

So, if you’re planning to go to New York, we recommend that you start saving money now, so you can buy that cell phone or gadget you’ve been dreaming about.  Without further ado we share with you the best Electronic Stores in New York.

Let’s get started!

Apple Store – Fifth Avenue

This store is the mecca of technology for many geeks. The Apple Store is an imposing glass building where you can see the future, and this store is the perfect example of how technology has evolved in a way that years ago we could only imagine and see in movies.

Apple Store – Source

This is Apple’s largest store, where you can find everything you want from the Apple brand. Almost 300 employees work there, all of them geniuses who will clarify any technological doubt you may have, are very kind.  The Apple Store is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, a store that is always open to its fans. Undoubtedly this is a store that you should visit, you will be impressed, and you will love it.

B & H Photo-Video

This store is spectacular! A gigantic store where photographers, video artists and technology lovers will have a great time. B & H is an excellent store to buy technology, especially if you are looking for a camera or video camera as the specialty of the store is photography and video.

B & H Photo-Video – Source

The store is huge and has a variety of electronic accessories that you can’t imagine in this place you’ll find everything, so if you’ve been looking for a gadget for a long time and nothing you can find there, you should go to B & H for sure you’ll find it there. Another positive point of the store is its prices, this is an economical store compared to others in the Big Apple. Highly recommended place to buy technology in New York City, with an incredible and very helpful staff.

Sonos Store

If the old store is the perfect place for photographers, then the Sonos Store is a paradise for those looking for the perfect sound device. This shop is fantastic, it is a place that offers you an immersive experience, since inside the shop there are some sound rooms where you will be isolated from any noise or external sound allowing you to experience its products in a unique way and find the device that suits your needs.

Sonos Store – Source

The store is very affordable and has a wide variety of technological devices that I’m sure you didn’t even know existed. The staff is very friendly, they know very well the product they sell, and this is something great because if you have questions they will solve them all. The Sonos Store is a store with an innovative concept that seeks to provide each person with an experience beyond shopping, two thumbs up for this wonderful store.

Hammacher Schlemmer

We can say that this store is an emblematic place in New York City, has been selling technology for decades and is a reference for those geeks who are looking for something vintage, something unique for their collection. This store is full of a lot of incredible things, it looks like a museum of technology and there you will see jukeboxes, quirky electronics, singular toys, and many more… an infinity of appliances and rare things you want to buy.

Hammacher Schlemmer – Source

To stay in the market the store was renovated a few years ago and although it took on a more modern look it has managed to maintain its essence, that essence that has characterized it for over 165 years. So, do not go to buy anything in Hammacher Schlemmer you must visit this wonderful place, full of strange, unusual, fantastic things, a shop that will surprise you and make you have a very pleasant time.

Datavision Superstore

It’s another one of the big technology stores in town. Datavision Superstore has behind the floors dedicated to technology, a store where you can find everything for every taste. There you can find the latest technology at a great price and is considered one of the best technology stores in New York City. They specialize in computers, but also sell photography, video, audio and telephony products.

Datavision Superstore – Source

Throughout the year the store usually has very good deals so if you are visiting New York come by this store, you will surely find something you like and get a good discount. One thing this store in the Big Apple is well known for is its high-quality customer service, all its employees are very friendly and always willing to help you. As it has state-of-the-art technology, it is a store that keeps abreast of the latest technological developments, making it an excellent place to buy the latest in the world of technology.

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