Williamsburg is one of the most visited neighborhoods by tourists, is located in the district of Brooklyn, a neighborhood of contrasts, of the most diverse areas you can find in New York, which highlights its vintage and hipster air but at the same time houses the largest Jewish community in New York.

Join us in this adventure and discover what to do in Williamsburg, below we share with you what places to visit, where to eat in Williamsburg and many other things that will make you spend a brilliant day in this incredible neighborhood of New York.

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Walk on Bedford Avenue, Berry St and Wythe Ave

To start discovering the best of Williamsburg we recommend you walk along its main avenues, this plan is excellent for seeing and living up close the hipster air of the city. Walking through Williamsburg will allow you to enjoy the neighborhood very much, you can enter restaurants, see the urban art, visit its vintage shops, there is no doubt that Williamsburg is one of the most charming neighborhoods in New York.

Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue – Source ny.curbed.com

Some of the best shops and restaurants in Williamsburg are located on Bedford Avenue, Wythe Avenue and Berry Street, it is in these places where you will find the trendy places in Williamsburg, if you walk south of the neighborhood, you will find excellent shops, galleries, restaurants and all with a quieter environment than the main avenues of the neighborhood.

Today the north of Williamsburg is very visited, if you walk to the south of the neighborhood you will see that it still conserves that independent air that was lived before it reached its popularity. So if you are in Williamsburg one of the best decisions you can make is to visit the south side of the neighborhood, you will be fascinated, this area of Williamsburg actually retains the independent air that made this part of the city became one of the most amazing places in New York.

The skyline from East River State Park

Watching the New York skyline from the East River Park is something you will never forget, it’s one of the best sensations you can live in New York, really see from afar the Big Apple, see how it floats on the water, it’s something incredible, it doesn’t compare to any other sensation.

East River State Park

East River State Park – Source www.bkmag.com

East River Park is another place not to be missed if you are in Williamsburg, a beautiful park located next to the river, with a spectacular environment where people go to relax, admire nature and the great architecture of New York. This place is sensational, and its location allows you to visit places like Artists & Fleas Market, the Music Hall of Williamsburg and the famous Nighthawk Cinema.

East River Park was a port for boats, with the passage of time the place deteriorated, but in 2007 was recovered and founded the park, an open park where people can go to have fun, escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, a place where you can take great pictures of the skyline of Manhattan, a place to travel from beginning to end, a place worth visiting if you’re on a tour of Williamsburg.

Smorgasburg Market

One of the best plans you can make in Williamsburg is to visit Smorgasburg Market, a pretty picturesque market that is set up in East River Park every Saturday from April to October from 11 am to 6 pm. Visiting this market, located right next to the river, is a very cool plan, people gather there to spend the day, eat in different restaurants, taste some of the richest desserts in the city, it is quite an experience to be in Smorgasburg Market.

Smorgasburg Market

Smorgasburg Market – Source www.smorgasburg.com

This flea market has thousands of outdoor food stalls, a place where you can try all kinds of food. Smorgasburg Market is very famous in New York, it is one of the most incredible gastronomic paradises you can visit in the Big Apple.

Located next to the East River, this market offers its visitors a sensational view of Manhattan’s skyline. A highly recommended place, thousands of people visit it, a market that is always in fashion and has a lot to offer its visitors. Also, eating ice cream at Smorgasburg Market on a sunny New York day is one of the best pleasures you can have in the Big Apple.

Take a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery.

If you’re visiting Williamsburg one thing you can’t miss is a tour of Brooklyn Brewery. One of the most famous breweries in the Big Apple. Every Saturday the brewery organizes guided tours where you can sample a wide variety of handcrafted beers.

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery – Source www.marketwatchmag.com

Brooklyn Brewery tours are free on weekends, you can join one of them without any problem, here you share the official page of the brewery to learn how to join the beer tour 

You can also go directly to their bar and there taste a variety of beers, there you will find the classic beers or seasonal, the latter are beers that are only available according to the time of year.

Jewish Neighborhood of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is home to New York’s largest Jewish community, a community that has managed to maintain its traditions for thousands of years, with a very interesting culture that you can approach as you travel through Williamsburg.

Leaving behind the hipster zone of Williamsburg you will see hundreds of shops in the streets, school buses with their signs in Hebrew, red windows and Jews wearing their traditional hats and dark colored costumes. Once there you will see the contrast of the Williamsburg Jewish quarter and the vintage hipster area of this Brooklyn neighborhood.

A tour of the Jewish neighborhood of Williamsburg allows you to immerse yourself in an amazing community.