During March happening many things in New York, so, if you are planning to visit the Big Apple along this month you should check out the list that we have for you below with the best things to do in New York during March 2020.

Let’s go!

NYC Winter Wine Festival 2020

This is one of the best events in New York City during March 2020, the NYC Winter Wine Festival provides you an entertaining way to enjoy the wine, through different experiences and discovering new tastes, you will become in an expert wine taster.

During the festival you can enjoy a comprehensive catalog of wines, besides, to learn about the wine scene in the Big Apple, explore new Wine Shops in the city, and educate yourself in the art of making wine. Additionally, you can taste craft food and if you want, take a Wine Tour in New York City. This festival is exceptional to do something unusual in the city, you can check more information on its official website here -> newyorkwineevents.com

Asia Week 2020 – New York

This edition of the Asian Week New York is going to be phenomenal, this 2020, more than 10 countries are going to participate in the festival, nations such as China, Korea, Japan, and much more will give an incredible spectacle, and will bring the best of its art to New York City. 

Asia Week 2020 - New York

Asia Week 2020 – New York – Source whatson.guide

Asia Week New York is an annual ten-day celebration of Asian art through cosmopolitan New York, the Big Apple will have incredible non-stop exhibitions and special events that will allow you to discover Asian art like never seen before.

The festival will exhibit thousands of porcelains, pieces of jewelry, textiles, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, bronzes, prints, photographs of the Asian culture. Asian Week New York takes place March 12–19, and undoubtedly is one of the best festivals in NYC. Super recommended event!

St. Patrick’s Day in New York 2020

This day is one of the most awaited days of the year, an awesome celebration that will become New York City in a shamrock city. St. Patrick’s Day is a fascinating celebration that commemorates the patron saint of the Irish, this day, throughout the city, there will be many things to do, one of them is the astonishing NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The day starts early in the morning, as usual in this day many people go to the St. Patrick Cathedral, once finished the mass, people are going to gather on New York’s 5th Avenue to start the celebration of the famous St. Patrick’s Parade, an incredible show where you will see people wearing green garments, live bands, decorated floats, and much more. The parade begins at 11 a.m. and ends around 5 p.m.

As it is tradition, beer is the favorite beverage of the day, many pubs in the city organize Irish parties to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day, there are many Irish Pubs in New York City, but undoubtedly, one of the best pubs to have a beer this day is the famous and iconic McSorley’s Old Ale House, an old pub in the city that has an incredible history because in the days of prohibition this pub never stopped selling a beer.

St. Patrick’s Day takes place on March 17th and will be a great celebration, as usual, every year on this day, don’t forget to wear green.

Macy’s Flower Show 2020

A fair that will allow you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful flower show, an impressive exhibition where you could find out a magic world. Each year, the famous Macy’s store organizes a floral architecture show in its shops, creating amazing landscapes and sculptures made with flowers, it is the way the store welcomes the spring.

Macy’s Flower Show 2020

Macy’s Flower Show 2020 – Source wwd.com

Once inside Macy’s, people will enjoy different activities for all ages, some of them are live performances and talks. Over the years the Macy’s Flower Show is more impressive, the store creates fascinating stories using various types of plants trees and flowers, undoubtedly go to enjoy this show is one of the best things to do in New York during March 2020.

The Edge opening

The Edge at Hudson Yards is one of the best attractions to visit this 2020 in New York, this incredible observatory will open its doors, and soon will become in an essential place to visit in the Big Apple.

The official opening date of The Edge is March 11, from this day you could visit the observatory that has 1,131 feet above the ground, undoubtedly an incredible place that will allow you to have an impressive view of the western hemisphere of New York City. 

The Edge has an open deck which will give visitors a new perspective of the Manhattan skyline, the perimeter of The Edge is lined with outward-sloping glass panels, allowing visitors to lean out for a better view of the city. If you want more information about the cost of tickets here, we share with you the official website of The Edge -> www.edgenyc.com/buy-tickets