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An article created for lovers of terror, for all those who want to have a good scare and have fun in one of the best times of the year. Everybody get ready because we will share with you 5 haunted houses that will make you jump out of fear.

Blood Manor

Blood Manor – Photo By

A scary adventure! The place is excellent, the actors, rooms, corridors, costumes and a labyrinth of passageways are very creative and spooky. It’s not called, “Manhattan‘s Premier Haunted House” for nothing! Cool place to go if you wanna live a creepy experience.

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The Forest of Fear

The Forestfear – Photo by

The best Halloween experience that you´re gonna have! Super terrific! A place to go for a good scare, its different environments are truly terrifying, here you will be immersed in a horror story. The Forest of Fear has great actors, and the place provides a very creepy experience, every corner of this place is gonna scare you a lot.

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Pure Terror Scream Park

Pure Terror Scream Park

This place makes your worst nightmares become a reality! The Pure Terror Scream Park it’s extremely scared. Every year the site is redesigned to give a frightening experience to its visitors. The decor is very creepy, and their staff has tenebrous disguises. If you go to this place, get ready to have a big fright.

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Chamber of Horrors NYC

Chamber of Horrors

They are waiting for you!!! This haunted house is phenomenal, recommend to any horror lovers. This place is very disturbing, the noises, screams, and decoration make this a terrifying place. We recommend going to the chamber of horrors, and you won’t regret it!

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The Haunt at Rocky Ledge

The Haunt at Rocky Ledge – Photo by

A place for those who take Halloween very seriously. The darkness in the location creates the perfect environment to have a good scare, its actors play a significant role-playing their characters perfectly, and this makes you feel really inside a scary movie. It’s a super creepy, scary place that’s gonna entertain you. You can’t miss.

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