One of the best things that you can do when you visit New York is taking a direct bus to Boston. Visit the Big Apple is a great chance to get to know an incredible city such as Boston, you just only to know how to do.

Many times, we have the doubt if take the risk and get out of New York City, but the truth is that you should do it, so prepare you for having a big adventure because this it is going to be a trip that you will never forget.

The first, basic thing you should know is that exist various companies that offer guided tours to Boston, so we share with you one of them check out this tour, but if you prefer traveling on your own below you will find the essential activities for enjoying Boston in just one day. So, let’s start this 1-day trip to Boston!

In the morning visit the Boston downtown

One of the best things is getting to know the downtown of this city, there is so much to do. This area of the city has incredible buildings that marked an era, there, you will see historical buildings such as Massachusetts State House, place where the court works and is a very important National Historic Landmarks in Boston. Also, you will look the Bunker Hill Monument, one of the first obelisk constructed in the U.S.

Downtown Boston – Source Shutterstock

Once in the downtown, a mandatory visit is the Boston Public Garden, a large park in the heart of the city, next to Boston Common. This place is wonderful, it’s a huge grassy area where the people spend a lot of time chilling, and ideal place for outings on foot or bicycle. We are confident that you will take awesome photos of this place and share on Instagram, certainly is an awesome experience getting to know this gorgeous park.

At midday goes to Chinatown

Located very near to the busy town Centre of Boston you will find China Town a unique place that is well worth visiting.  Boston’s Chinatown has a rich history, tradition, culture and great food. Many tourists go there every day, and you know why? Because is a colorful place that always has something to give you.

Boston Chinatown – Source

At Chinatown you will taste the Chinese cuisine in all its splendor, there you are going to find many different restaurants with exotic menus. Another funny plan that you can do there is relaxing in one of the famous teahouses. If you want to buy gifts, Boston’s Chinatown is a good spot to buy some souvenirs at reasonable prices.

At afternoon visit the Financial Street

After had visited Boston’s Chinatown an obligatory stop is the Financial District. At this area, you will see the other side of the city, a place with a lot movement where the new is blended with the old of Boston. Standing there you will raise your eyes to heaven and appreciate many notable buildings like the One Financial Center, First National Building and the famous John Hancock Tower the tallest building in Boston.

Boston Financial Street – Source Shutterstock

This great area also has excellent restaurants, so if you don’t have lunch in Chinatown you can do it in Financial District.  As we know is a quick visit, the best thing that you must do is find a not expensive place, so, we recommend Wheelhouse, this place is an excellent restaurant with many options in their menu. These guys make tasty burgers, all its food is fresh, and its staff is very friendly. A highly recommend restaurant.

With the stomach full and hunger satisfied it is time to go to visit a splendid place in Boston.

At late afternoon, visit one of the gorgeous neighborhoods in Boston

Well, prepares your camera or mobile because in this area of the city you will take a lot of photos. Beacon Hill is a beautiful place and pleasant place to come, especially at late afternoon, when the sunset down covers the neighborhood with a special atmosphere.

Beacon Hill – Source Shutterstock

Walking through the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill it is a great privilege and delight for anyone, is that incredible streets have an architecture unique where you can spend hours and hours taking photos. This historic side of Boston has been an important place in the American history where you will find iconic landmarks such as Black Heritage Trail, Louisburg Square, and Acorn Street.

The night means drink a beer

If you want to feel like a Bostonian, you must go to drink a beer in an Irish Pub. These places are so popular in Boston, on this city, you will find several pubs options, but we prefer to create a short list with the bests Irish Pub that you should visit, we hope you like it. Cheers!

  1. Tavern at the End of the World: A fantastic place for a pint of Guinness, this pub offers food and a great variety of beers. It is a comfortable and friendly spot where you will live an authentic Irish experience.
  2. Mr. Dooley’s Tavern: In a few words is a place where you will find a musician playing, a lot of pints of beer and a decoration very Irish style. It is the classical Boston Irish Pub and we love it!
  3. L street Tavern: This classical Irish Pub is an excellent spot to grab a beer, relax, talk with the people and let the time pass. One fun fact of this place is that the movie Good Will Hunting it was filmed in this pub.

So, without even knowing, you got to know Boston in just one day.