New York is a city full of dualities where you’ll find great things to do, including going to an underground gallery or creating an underground park. If you want to know more, here below we share two major city projects, first the Underground Gallery and second, an underground park that will be housed in an abandoned station in the Big Apple.

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What to Expect at the Underground Machine Hallucination Gallery

The New York underground gallery is located below Chelsea Market, and for these days ARTECHOUSE has been installed, an experimental art gallery where visitors will participate in the exhibition using their senses.

The exhibition in the underground gallery is called Machine Hallucination, an exhibition of the works of the Turkish artist Refik Anadol. This exhibition is an experiment where everyone who visits the gallery will live a series of sensory experiences that they will love.

Artist Refik Anadol’s exhibition applies learning algorithms that gather information and automatically create a data set of more than three million images representing a wide range of architectural styles and movements from different buildings in New York City.

New York underground gallery

New York Underground Gallery – Source

This exhibition is amazing, it is a guide to learn more about the history of New York City, because through the architectural images, buildings and urban history of the city, the work of art creates connections between unique moments in the culture and architectural history of the Big Apple. In addition, it will also show visitors hundreds of recognized New York landmarks and how the city has changed over time, this exhibition will show you the architectural past, the present and what could be the potential future of New York.

Using mirrors and other mechanisms charged with reflecting sunlight from the surface and distributing it throughout the New York underground gallery, the images of the exhibition are displayed. A surprising thing about this underground gallery in New York is that each mirror will be able to move, so that the temperature of the gallery can be regulated and an environment such as the one you live outside can be achieved.

Low Line New York

Just as there is High Line Park in New York City, in the City that Never Sleeps there is also an underground park, the stellar Low Line Park a project that will apparently be inaugurated in 2021.

The New York Low Line is a megaproject that will be located under Delancey Street, there will be created a gigantic gallery that will be the size of a football field. Today the place is a mixture of rusty pipes that can be seen on the other side of the tracks of the Essex Street subway station.

Essex Street

Many years ago, trams linking Manhattan and Brooklyn turned around in this terminal built in 1903 and closed just after World War II.

Who created Low Line project in New York?

The people in charge of this megaproject are the architect James Ramsey and Dan Barasch, both have the vision of returning this space to the city of New York turning it into an underground park in the Big Apple and the one that will be illuminated with some lamps that channel the natural light from the outside of the city.

Low Line New York

Low Line New York – Source

This great project is an innovative alternative in the  neighborhood that wants to give a new option to visitors and residents of New York where they can find more parks and green areas, and the best part of the project is that it wants to recover areas of the city that were previously considered lost or would no longer be useful.

How the Low Line Underground Park would work

The Low Line project in New York is a fantastic work that will work with mirrors and collectors of natural light that will follow the movement of the sun to save solar energy and thus create a temperature equal to the outside where you can give life to an underground vegetation and illuminate the entire park with natural light. Something amazing!

The idea of Lowline Park is to create an underground park where people can find shops, establishments, coffee shops, pharmacies, fire stations and police, the idea of the park is to take advantage of the lost spaces of the Big Apple and start an underground city where there are a variety of cultural options and green spaces for people.

Low Line Underground Park

Low Line Underground Park – Source

Lowline Park is an ambitious and innovative project in which Lowline LAB also participates, an urban laboratory built within an abandoned market on the Lower East Side, just two blocks from the proposed site to build the future park. Lowline Lab seeks to show how Lowline Park can grow and maintain its vegetation underground using solar energy stored in mirrors and other mechanisms.

Undoubtedly Lowline New York is one of the Big Apple’s most ambitious projects, which, if it comes to an end, will soon become one of New York’s most famous attractions. Now, you’d be encouraged to visit an underground park.