If you are planning to visit New York and do not want to miss anything of the city, here we tell you how you can do it, you can take a Hop On Hop Off tour of New York, a great alternative to tour the city, visit different tourist attractions and have an overview of New York.

So, in this blog, we are going to share all the information about New York Hop On Hop Off trips, one of the most popular ways to tour the Big Apple. Let’s get started!

Why take a Hop On Hop Off tour in New York?

One of the best reasons to take a Hop on Hop off tour is because the buses pass through all the emblematic neighborhoods of New York, so these buses give you the opportunity to tour dozens of tourist attractions, offer you the opportunity to explore the city almost completely, on the other hand, are an excellent alternative if you are going to travel with your family to New York because everyone will enjoy the diversity of the city.

Another great thing about taking this type of excursion is that it gives you the freedom to get to know the city at your own pace, which means that you will be able to go down and up at the different stops that the tour offers throughout the city, so if you decide to stay longer in a tourist attraction you can do it and wait for another bus arrives, this is incredible because you will not feel that time is a limit.

Hop On Hop Off New York

Hop On Hop Off New York – Source whaddupjp.com

In addition to the freedom of time to tour the city, another positive point of this type of excursion is that you will go around the city with a guide who will tell you different anecdotes of New York, while you pass through emblematic places the guide will tell you the history of each of these places, so you will learn a lot of new things about New York.

When you are touring New York you have to walk long distances to visit different attractions, so the bus is perfect to avoid those long journeys, this is excellent if you are visiting the city with children, so the youngest will not get too tired and will enjoy the Big Apple much more.

This tour has several positive aspects, but always remember to plan your New York tour day with the bus routes, so you can better explore the Big Apple and visit many places in the city using the bus as a means of transportation.

What places are visited in the Tour Hop On Hop Off of New York?

Here below we tell you which are the 5 most famous routes of this tour and what places you can visit while you explore the city.


This route is one of the most famous of the Hop On Hop Off buses, is one of the favorite of tourists because it provides the opportunity to explore the best of Midtown and Upper East Side of Manhattan, two vibrant areas of the city where you will find theaters, galleries, museums, restaurants among many other things.

This route will take you along the famous Fifth Avenue of New York, there, from a privileged view you can see symbols of the city as Madison Square Garden, visit Times Square, tour the Wall Street financial district, visit the iconic Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall, go to Little Italy, go through The Museum Mile known for having some of the most amazing museums in the city.

On this route you will also pass by the Guggenheim Museum, Harlem Market, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Central Park and visit many more places.


Another very famous route among tourists, if you decide to take this route you will be visiting the heart of the Big Apple, a trip that will take you through Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Little Italy, Wall Street, SoHo, Battery Park, and many more places.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue – Source iStock

A charming feature of this route is that from the second floor of the bus you can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in the distance. A fantastic route that will enchant you from start to finish and show you why New York is a unique and multicultural city. On the other hand, this route allows you to live a normal day in the Big Apple, it will make you feel like another New Yorker.


This route is incredible as it will allow you to visit one of the most vibrant districts of the Big Apple, touring Brooklyn is to visit great places like the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Besides, you will pass the Brooklyn Bridge, a bridge that gives you a wonderful view of the city where you can take amazing pictures of New York.

The Brooklyn route is an exciting tour that will show you another side of the city, it will take you to places that are icons of the Big Apple but are not usually visited by tourists.


The tour of Harlem will take you to the north of New York, there you will see up close why the Big Apple is a multicultural city, you will visit one of the most historic neighborhoods of the city, appreciate the musical history of Harlem by visiting the Apollo Theater. Another of the emblems of New York that you can see on this tour is the famous Yankee Stadium one of the sports temples in the city.


Harlem – Source iStock

Harlem is a fantastic and interesting neighborhood, a neighborhood that had a renaissance and today is one of the biggest tourist attractions in New York.

Night Tour

A tour that allows you to see the most important attractions of the city when the sun sets and gives you the chance to enjoy the exciting nightlife of New York. During this journey, you will see Times Square fully illuminated, as well as the Empire State Building, Central Park, SoHo, Greenwich Village, among other places.

A very exciting tour that will show you how majestic New York is when the sun goes down and the lights go on throughout the city.