Going to a Gospel church is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible experiences you can have on a trip to New York. In thousands of movies we have seen, these great churches appear with incredible choirs that just start to sing generate a great emotion in your body, it is inevitable that you do not get excited.

So, today we want you to embark with us on this journey through New York and visit the Gospel churches of the Big Apple. From Harlem to Brooklyn, a tour that will allow you to know which churches to visit, as well as to know the most famous Gospel choirs in New York.

Let’s begin!

The history of Gospel

The roots of Gospel music come from African Americans who migrated to the United States. Harlem was one of the New York neighborhoods that hosted hundreds of African-Americans, over the years, especially from 1920 to 1930, religion played an important role in the African-American community in the United States, and it was at that time when the first large Gospel churches appeared in New York.


Gospel – Source iStock

This great renaissance of African American culture in the 1920s was a great cultural revolution, arts, literature, music, architecture and religion developed. Music has always been a fundamental element in the African American community and has been used as an instrument to tell the story, this is evident in the Gospel choirs.

Although after the great boom of the African American community came a difficult time, today, you can see how Harlem is reborn, becoming one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of New York and Gospel music is part of that rebirth, thousands of people come to Harlem because they want to go to hear an authentic choir Gospel New York.

Things you should know before you go to a Gospels church

So that everything goes well in your visit to a Gothic church below we share some tips that will be very useful.

  • The best thing you can do when you go to a church Gospel is to arrive early, why, so you avoid the long lines that are usually made to enter the church, in addition, if you arrive early to the church you will find a good seat to see the choir.
  • Dressing properly is very important and when we talk about dressing properly is not going to church in shorts, flip-flops or tank tops.
  • During the service, the most important moment of the ceremony, no cameras, cell phones or video cameras may be used.
  • Eating, drinking, talking, or engaging in behaviors that distract the community are not permitted within the Gospels.
  • Something you should know, an entire church service can last 2 or 3 hours.
  • In some occasions the tourists usually leave money in the basket of donations, it is not something obligatory, but if you want to contribute with some money you can do it.

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Gospel Churches in New York

Below is a list of some of the New York Gospels you can attend. Each one of them is a great option where you can live an authentic gospel mass in New York.

1st Corinthian Baptist Church

1st Corinthian Baptist Church

1st Corinthian Baptist Church – Source Facebook

This is one of the largest Gospel churches you can find in the Big Apple, actually this place is immense, a Sunday can accommodate up to 7000 thousand members, something amazing.

The atmosphere of this gospel church is welcoming, you are always welcome, and the choir of this gospel church is extraordinary.

Canaan Baptist Church of Christ

In this church is where you can see one of the best choirs Gospel New York, from beginning to end is incredible, you will be thrilled. In addition, the congregation is very friendly and dynamic, a very inspiring place.

It is open every Sunday and is one of the most recognized Gospel churches throughout New York. This church has been open since 1932, has never closed its doors and during all its years of service has received millions of people from all over the world. It is one of the most important Gospel churches in New York.

Bethel Gospel Assembly

Bethel Gospel Assembly

Bethel Gospel Assembly – Source www.minube.net

A large church, with a large Gospel choir, going there you will experience a great energy. The service of this church is very popular among the devotees, their songs and prayers are followed by a large community. It’s another church that will always welcome you, besides this place is very organized and believe us its energy is quite contagious. They open their doors on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Greater Refuge Temple

With a choir of 60 people this church is one of the most amazing churches in New York City. There you will always see happy people, willing to sing and move to the rhythm of the music as they perform their prayers. One of the things that will surprise you most about this Gospel church is how people get involved with the music, really every person who goes there gets involved with every part of the celebration.

Abyssinian Baptist Church

Abyssinian Baptist Church

Abyssinian Baptist Church – Source www.soloestadosunidos.com

This Gospel church is very popular, it is one of the oldest churches in New York and the United States, and the number of devotees who go there is really impressive. In addition to be a Gospel church, it is a center of African American culture. It was founded in 1808 and over the years became one of the most beloved churches in the African American community. It is in Harlem and tourists are only admitted on Sundays at 11 am.

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Time Square Church

Located in one of New York’s most vibrant areas, Time Square Church is a great alternative to a Gospel church. The church choir is made up of 140 singers, it’s really impressive. The church is a multicultural place that opens its doors every Sunday at 10 am.

Brooklyn Tabernacle

This church is great, you’ll love it. It is very famous for having won several Grammy awards, its choir Gospel is one of the most famous in the world and is one of the most visited churches in New York. The church is open on Sundays from 9am to 3pm. A great place to visit on your New York tour.