The Food Truck D.C. a tasty guide that will get you out of trouble when you’re hungry. Washington has many food trucks located in all city, but today we selected those what for us are the yummiest. Let’s begin with this tasty trip!

Arepa Zone

Arepa Zone – Source

Wow, wow, wow the food here is terrific, this spot sells Venezuelan food and has many vibrant dishes. The Food Truck offers Arepa, the most famous menu plate. The Arepa is a round corn masa stuffed with marinated meats, cheese, and fresh salsas. If you want to have amazing a street cuisine experience, this is the right place.

You guys must try the Pabellon Arepa it is our recommendation.

DC Slices

DC Slices Pizza – Source

They have one of the best slices in DC! If you are an official groupie of the pizza, don’t doubt for a second to go to this place. All the slices are awesome you can try different kinds of pizza, their menu is simply delicious. So, pizza lovers prepare your palates to enjoy one of DC’s finest pizzas.

Peruvian Brothers

Peruvian Brothers –  Source

Two Peruvian Brothers who grew up on the coast to Lima, Peru brought to Washington the original and tasty Peruvian Food. This food truck has a great menu, in this spot you will find the best Peruvian sandwiches to the city all of them is to die for.

We recommend their Pan Con Chicharrón sandwich is awesome! Please go there when you stay in Washington and fall in love with the Peruvian food you won’t regret it.

Red Hook Lobster

Red Hook Lobster Truck –  Source

Tremendous place, delicious food, this food truck is very cool! Their crab cake sandwich is amazing. The service is perfect, is an enjoyable place to eat and at the same time to share a good time with your friends or family. Recommend!

Popped! Republic – Gourmet Popcorn

Popped Republic – Source

The best popcorn you’ll eat in your life. All its popcorn is crispy, flavorful, each piece is delightful and has a wide variety of popcorn mixed with different flavors. This gourmet popcorn truck is awesome, and you would never have thought a place like this would exist. Always yummy!