Today we want to tell you about the National Mall, home to some of Washington DC’s most iconic landmarks. The National Mall is a great esplanade full of gardens, monuments, museums and government buildings, it is also one of the most visited places in the United States.

National Mall is an impressive place, a magical place you can’t miss if you are on a tour of Washington, so, here below we show you those places you must visit in the National Mall.

Let’s begin!


Its fantastic dome makes this building recognizable from afar, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are located there. The Capitol has a large collection of American art, this building is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Washington DC.

National Capitol – Source iStock

The Capitol is one of the national emblems, is considered one of the architectural treasures of the city and is undoubtedly one of the most photographed buildings in the country. An incredible place!

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Washington Monument

More than 170 meters high, this icon of the city is another monument located in the National Mall. The Obelisk is a great emblem and symbol of freedom, an impressive structure that seems to touch the sky. This is one of the monuments that you can see on a tour of Washington DC.

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial – Source iStock

Comprised of 56 columns representing the 48 states, 7 federal territories and the District of Columbia, this memorial pays tribute to the 16 million people who were there during World War II. A moving place, it also houses the Freedom Wall Memorial, a column filled with gold stars with the names of each of the people who were in the war.

Lincoln Memorial

At one end of the Reflecting Pool, a beautiful 618-meter pond, you can see this famous memorial to one of the most important presidents of the USA. The monument is inspired by a Greek temple, tm he figure of Lincoln is 6 meters high, it is impressive, and inside the monument you will find some of his most famous phrases.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Arriving at the Tidal Basin, you will find the Martin Luther King Jr.  Political activist who managed to generate union among people of all races, so that they could live together in harmony and as equals and leave aside racial segregation. Opened in 2011, this place has become one of the most visited memorials in Washington DC.

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Air and Space Museum

Another great place to be found on the National Mall is the Air and Space Museum, a museum where you will find thousands of airplanes, aircraft, objects from outer space, items used by astronauts who traveled into space and a whole lot more. This museum is impressive, you will learn a lot about the history of aviation and at the same time you will have fun walking through each of its rooms.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Source

It is a spectacular monument, located at the side of the Tidal Basin, is one of the most beautiful monuments of the National Mall, is a giant structure of neoclassical style and pays tribute to one of the Founding Fathers of the nation and third president of the United States.  Inside the monument you will find a statue of Thomas Jefferson, an imposing figure of a visionary man. Also, on the walls of the place you will find a series of phrases about freedom and independence pronounced in different speeches by Jefferson.

The monument is surrounded by trees, near the monument you will also find cherry trees. A beautiful place with a breathtaking view of the city.