Hudson Yards is the new neighborhood of New York City, is a colossal series of towers built over thirty railroad tracks, this modern attraction of the Big Apple was inaugurated March 15 and, is located on the west side of Manhattan.

This recent sensation of the city which everybody is talking about is a super futurist megastructure, a must-visit in your next tour to New York, this group of skyscrapers has become in one of the most interesting destinations that you could find in the surprising New York.

And now, maybe you will be asking yourself, what to do at Hudson Yards?  Down below we are going to give you a list of 5 cool things to do in Hudson Yards, in the next list you will find what to see and do in this striking complex of buildings.

Let’s begin!

Ascend The Vessel

The Vessel is a megastructure which is part of the Hudson Yards. This mega building has 15 floors where you can find more than 70 platforms with greats sights of New York. The structure designed by architect Thomas Heatherwick is considered a public art piece, an exciting place where you can snap breathtaking photos of New York City.

The Vessel is located in the central square of Hudson Yards, surrounded by trees and gardens, this super building is like a giant honeycomb that raises over the city. Inside the building, you will find several pathways and stairs connected to each other, where you will have different perspectives of the Big Apple, the interior of The Vessel seems an endless labyrinth.

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The Vessel is also known as New York’s Staircase.

The Vessel opens the doors from 8 am, visiting takes among 30 minutes and 1 hour, the building close the doors at 9 pm. Strolling by The Vessel is an unforgettable experience.

Immerse in Snark Park

Visit Snark Park will let you uncover an incredible series of piece art and immerse in different interactive spaces, this place is like a theme park that worth exploring while you stroll in Hudson Yards.

With a touch of minimalism, Snark Park has interesting exhibitions which offer unique audible, visual, and tactile experience. The notion of this place is to create an environment where visitors can interact and approaches to the different installations and pieces of art, each exhibition is a unique experience. The monochromatic concept of Snark Park will blow your mind, is sensational!

Snark Park

Snark Park -Source

Snark Park is a creation of Daniel Aesham, Ben Porto and Alex Mustonen, founders of Snarkitecture a New York studio whose create interactive installations that challenge people to discover new spatial perspectives. Undoubtedly Snark Park will give you a memorable moment in Hudson Yards. Undoubtedly Snark Park will give you a memorable moment in Hudson Yards.

A place where you can take breathtaking photos to share on Instagram!

The exhibitions of Snark Park continually are changing, there never will see the same expositions. Is an attraction for people of all ages, the entry cost 18 dollars and you can purchase the tickets on its official website. Relax and reset in Snark Park.

The Shed

The Shed is another incredible structure that there in Hudson Yards. The Shed is the newest art center of New York City and was created with the purpose to host diverse art disciplines, there you will find from hip hop concerts and classical music shows, as well as, theater spectacles, literature displays, sculpture exhibitions, dance shows, and many other incredible artistic presentations.

The Shed

The Shed – Source

The Shed offering a creative space every visitor who want to live an innovating a unique experience meanwhile explore New York City. The Sheld also offers a new scenario for the emerging artists of the Big Apple, inside this remarkable building the artist will find a space where can develop their ambitious and creative ideas.

The Shed is a structure that has transformed New York City, opening a modern space to have diverse artistic experiences, moreover, is a demonstration of how New York City has evolved the last years. This remarkable building is located where the High Line Park meets Hudson Yards.

Don’t forget to visit The Shed in your tour to New York, really is an enchanting place that you will never forget.

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Go rise above the clouds, visit The Edge

The Edge is one of the most unbelievable attractions of Hudson Yards. The Edge is an outdoor observation deck which will provide breathtaking views of New York. This structure is not open yet but in 2020 the observatory will open. From there you will have the opportunity to take incredible photos of the iconic skyline of the city, pictures that are hard to capture in other places of the city, as well as, have a full panorama of the Big Apple.

The Edge

The Edge – Source

The Edge will give you astonishing sights of Big Apple that you never saw before. This section of the Hudson Yards is going to be the highest open observatory in the United States will be at a height of 335 meters and will have the highest public terrace in New York. Undoubtedly, The Edge is one of the most formidable places that you can visit the next year in New York.

Shopping in Hudson Yards

Finally, one of the coolest things that you can do in Hudson Yards is going shopping, inside this remarkable complex of buildings you will find stores of well-known brands such as Heidi Klein, Uniqlo, H&M and the big news, Hudson Yards will be home of the first Neiman Marcus store in New York City.

Hudson Yards will become in one of the most important cultural and shopping centers of the city, is the new face of the Big Apple and from now is a worth visit, so, if you are planning to go to New York don’t forget to include this amazing place in your itinerary.