New York has many barbershops, and you know why: because is getting a good haircut is an important aspect of any new Yorker.  In The Big Apple, you would find an innumerable barbershop for every style but, finding a barbershop that you love could be a challenge and more especially now when a trend has appeared, the trend of the old-school barbershop.

These places where any guy can get a fashion haircut has been taken New York City and maybe its success lies in the way they are working, emphasizing on service and aesthetics, and this is spectacular.

So, from now on not have a fashion haircut is not a choice that’s why so here’s a list of some of the best barbershops in New York City.  so that when you come back home, returns with stylish.


Tomcats -Photo by Tomcats

Every man knows that a haircut is a ritual and this barbershop satisfies this requirement. This local specializing in the classic vintage American style is awesome, you will get a nice haircut there. The ambiance is groovy you are going to feel so comfortable in this barbershop. Their staff are genius, have a lot of haircut styles and going to give you an incredible service. After your haircut, you will love this place.

The Blind Barber

The Blind Barber – Photo by The Blind Barber

Contrary to their name, The Blind Barber has skilled professionals barber who gives traditional and trendy haircuts, probably one of the best barbershops in New York City. This place has an amazing vibe, you can spend many hours there talking, chilling and enjoying a good drink, the drinks are so much cheaper than other barbershops.  This place makes you feel at home, definitely an exceptional barbershop.

Black Rabbit Barbershop

Black Rabbit Barbershop – Photo by Black Rabbit Barbershop

Okay fellas just an only word for this place, FANTASTIC!  This friendly old-school barbershop gives you incredible haircuts, has a high-quality crew and has reasonable rates. The barbershop’s decoration is great, one of the best places that you would know in New York City and the atmosphere is awesome. There are you get exactly what you want, phenomenal spot!

The Stepping Razor Barbershop

The Stepping Razor Barbershop

This barbershop advertises itself as a “Traditional barbering service for the gentleman and the outlaw” and it is true, you have a flashback as soon as put yours foots inside the local because the establishment looks like a 40´s movie with its old rebel attitude, and that is terrific! There you will receive an excellent haircut or shave, its customer service is very good and its owner Danny Baptista, is very friendly. In a few words, great cuts from great guys.

York Barber Shop

York Barber Shop – Photo By York Barber Shop

These guys are genius, this place has some of the best traditional barbers in the Big Apple. The focus of this barbershop is the American old-school haircut style, with an original New York barbers. This place has a nostalgic aura, its decoration is very retro and it’s a barbershop where the men gather (the girls are welcome too) to discuss everything, sports, business, about any stuff. The quality is excellent there and has reasonable prices for its service, unquestionably you will get a good time at York Barber Shop.

Made Man Barber Shop

Made Man Barber Shop – Photo by Made Man Barber Shop

As you enter to this barbershop, the crew welcoming with a smile, the staff is very friendly, the shop is clean, and space is cozy, Made Man Barber Shop will give you an excellent service there is no doubt about that. This barbershop is a hybrid between old-fashion and modern style, this blending makes this establishment into a good choice for everybody it doesn’t matter how old are you. Made Man Barber Shop will never disappoint you!

The Kinsman Barber Shop

The Kinsman Barber Shop – Photo by

Every guy needs a good haircut, and this is exactly what you obtain in The Kinsman Barber Shop, their crew will give you a stylish haircut.  This place is an authentic New York City gem, always they do a great job and treats you so kind. The environment is so cool, has a neighborhood vibe with its crafts-tools. It is a very recommendable place for anyone that looking for a classic haircut style.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest – Photo by

For many years this barbershop giving excellent haircuts. Recently, “Person of Interest” has become in a recognized barbershop in New York City, many people want a haircut there. The staff is very professional, the reception is super friendly and into the place put an excellent music. Highly recommend place overall 5 stars.

Now, some fun facts about barbershops

  • The word ‘barber’ comes from the Latin word ‘barba’, meaning beard.
  • In some ancient cultures, demons were believed to like to enter the body through the hair, so the barber cut the hair to prevent this from happening.
  • In the past, barbers were also surgeons and dentists.
  • When a barber finished an operation, he would wrap the bloody bandages around a pole. That is the origin of the red swirled barber pole.
  • In a time, the barbers also performed castrations.