If you love desserts, nothing beats a Cannoli. Cannolo (Italian for “Little Tube”) is a typical candy from Sicily, Italy, which arrived in the United States when the first Italian emigrants began to populate New York City.

The Italians began to open bakeries in the city and with the passage of time the Cannoli became popular among the inhabitants of the Big Apple until they became one of the desserts most loved by New Yorkers. This gastronomic gem made with ricotta cheese and to which you can add vanilla, chocolate, pistachios, practically anything you want is a delight!

Something you have to do when you are visiting New York is to go to eat Cannoli, well you can find them in your country, but they will not be the same, is that going to eat cannoli in New York is an experience, you will find an infinite number of flavors, textures, etc… that will make you taste your fingers.

And because we want you to experience the experience in style, we have selected the best places in New York City to go for an authentic and delicious Cannoli, so get ready and take note because below is a list of the places that sell the best Cannoli in New York.

Let’s begin!

Ferrara Bakery and Café

Located at 195 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

A traditional Italian bakery, where you will find perhaps the best cannoli in the city. Ferrara Bakery opened in 1892 and since that date has not stopped preparing delicious desserts, cannoli being its specialty.

Ferrara Bakery and Café – Source www.weekendnotes.com

Today it is still a family business, run by the fifth generation of the Ferrara family, is very popular and many people who live in New York City frequent this place. Their cannoli are extremely delicious, they are fresh, the taste of the cream is perfect and accompanying them with a hot chocolate is the best decision you can make.

A super recommended place, it is actually an authentic Italian pastry shop with a totally Italian atmosphere, very pleasant and welcoming.

Caffe Palermo

Located at 148 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013

For over 44 years Caffe Palermo has said it is the place that makes the best Cannoli in New York, and many people in the city say the same thing, so you should go there and see for yourself.

Caffe Palermo – Source www.pinterest.com.au

Without a doubt it is an excellent place, its cannoli are very delicious, especially the original Cannoli which is prepared with vanilla cream. Caffe Palermo has a recipe that for over a decade has worked perfectly for them, in fact their Cannoli have a very special flavor that is difficult to find in other bakeries.

The place is not expensive, the attention is excellent and the coffee sold there is very rich. This place is a mandatory stop in New York.

Quality Italian

Located at 57 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

In this place there is a Cannoli menu with an infinity of flavors, mixes, variety of drinks to accompany them, is a place that will surprise you.

Quality Italian – Source www.tracysnewyorklife.com

All Cannoli are made with very fresh ingredients and you will notice that as soon as you try one of them. Another great success of this place is the presentation of the Cannoli, their decoration is very striking and as soon as you have them on your table the first thing you want to do is take a picture of them.

Super recommended place if what you are looking for is variety and have the taste of trying a delicious Cannoli with a lot of mixes and flavors. The prices are good, the customer service is great and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

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Pasticceria Rocco

Located at 4438, 243 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

A highly recommended place! This place is the typical Italian bakery where you enter and see a lot of delicious desserts. With a long tradition in bakery, Pasticceria Rocco offers people the authentic taste of Italian gastronomy.

Pasticceria Rocco – Source Facebook

The Cannoli sold there are delicious, crunchy, prepared in a traditional way, creating a very unique and special flavor. It is difficult to find a bakery that prepares Cannoli as delicious as those of Pasticceria Rocco.

New Yorkers frequent this place a lot, always asking for the traditional Cannoli with vanilla cream and hot chocolate or coffee. A very familiar place, where you will breathe all the atmosphere of an Italian pastry shop. Their staff is excellent, very friendly and always ready to help you in the best way.

Veniero’s Pasticceria

Located at 342 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

Veniero’s Pasticceria – Source www.ijustwanttoeat.com

With a tradition of more than 100 years this bakery is an institution in New York City and its cannoli… its cannoli is finger-lickin’. It was founded in 1894 by Antonio Veniero with the idea of becoming the best Italian pastry shop in the Big Apple and over the years they have succeeded.

Dozens of tourists and locals come daily to Veniero’s, all in search of a Cannoli, and for many this bakery sells the best desserts in the city. In this bakery you will find some fresh Cannoli, its vanilla cream is very well balanced so it will not give you the sensation of a dessert too sweet and is accompanied by some chocolate flakes, also its cover is very crunchy, perfect for chewing.

This is a place that will never disappoint you, the atmosphere is great, have great service and although there are always many people inside the bakery buying the service is fast and very effective. Prices are good, but sometimes they may seem a little high.

Viniero’s Pasticceria is one of those places you will always want to go back to.