Maybe getting to know the district Bronx is not a priority on your visit to New York City and it is understandable, this area of the Big Apple is not very much named as a tourist destination and it is a shame, because the Bronx is one of those places that when you know you’ll always want to come back.

This county has a lot to offer and for you to see for yourself, here you will find the best attractions in one of the most intense areas of New York City.

Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park – Source

A perfect park for walking or running, the Van Cortlandt is the third largest park in New York and is simply spectacular. It has a golf course, a giant lake where you will always see swimming ducks and large green areas where you will occasionally see coyotes prowling around. The park is very well preserved, it is undoubtedly a beautiful place for recreation.

Wave Hill

Wave Hill – Source

Wave Hill is a farm with huge public gardens, very well maintained and the ideal place for a picnic.  From there you will be able to see the Hudson River as you walk through its wide green spaces full of life and color. If you are looking for a place to isolate yourself from the world for a few hours as Wave Hill is the place to do it, you can bring a book, sit down to read and let the hours pass.  Great place to relax, admire nature and see the Hudson River.

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Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery

Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery – Source

It’s one of the biggest cemeteries in New York. There lie the graves of famous people like Celia Cruz, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Herman Melville and many more. As soon as you enter the cemetery, a guard gives you a map on which you can locate the most spectacular mausoleums in the area. Woodlawn’s streets are lined with trees and many of its monuments were designed by great sculptors such as Cass Gilbert and John LaFarge. Architecturally it is a very beautiful place, an ideal space to take many photos.

Edgar Allan Poe House Museum

Edgar Allan Poe House Museum – Source

If you are a lover of mystery, crime novel or poetry, this is a place you must go to know. The house museum has many interesting things, inside you can see the bed where Poe’s wife died, you will also see many elements of the writer’s daily use, it is simply an incredible place. The atmosphere of the museum house is full of mystery and at the end of the tour you can go to the gift shop and buy some souvenirs.

Bronx Arts Museum

Bronx Arts Museum – Source

It is not a big museum, but it is worth a visit, it usually has new exhibits and presentations of different Latino collectives. The museum promotes emerging artists and interculturality in New York. This contemporary art museum also has educational programs to encourage creativity and art within the community. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is a place where you will always find something to do.

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The Bronx Brewery

The Bronx Brewery – Source

It opened its doors from 2011 and from that date became one of the best places to go to enjoy a beer in New York. The atmosphere is great, the attention is great and the experience of tasting a fresh beer is second to none. Beer prices are not expensive, you can also eat some snacks such as pretzels or cheeses. The Brewery allows its customers to bring their own food or order it from a restaurant – this place is wonderful!

Yankees Stadium

Yankees Stadium – Source

Yankee Stadium is one of the institutions of baseball and a place you should know when you travel to New York. Here plays, perhaps, the best-known baseball team in the world, and going to see a game of them is quite a spectacle, watching their fans cheering the team from the stands, having a beer and eating a hot dog during the game is an unforgettable experience.  The stadium offers tours that will teach you about the history of this iconic team.

Belmont, the Little Italy of the Bronx

Belmont – Source

Visiting Little Italy and walking its streets is the best way to enjoy a whole culture. This small Bronx neighborhood will offer you a multitude of shops where you can taste Italian gastronomy, there you will find restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, etc… and you will love them all. A highly recommended plan to do in this neighborhood is to go to a bakery and order some typical cannoli.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame – Source

Within the University of the Bronx there is a fantastic place, the Hall of Fame of Illustrious Americans. In this fascinating place you will find statues of the Founding Fathers of the United States and emblematic characters of American history such as Thomas Edison, Mark Twain. The Hall of Fame will impress you, it is very beautiful, and its hall design will fascinate you.

City Island

City Island – Source

It is a small island within the Bronx and is the perfect place if you want to escape for a day from the city and have a quiet day. In City Island you can eat in one of the restaurants in the bay, take a boat ride and enjoy the sunset.  This small island is a very nice place to spend a day with your family.