One of the most common questions when you travel to New York is what clothes to wear. Choosing which clothes to pack in your suitcase can be a real odyssey and the selection depends a lot on the season of the year in which you will be visiting the Big Apple.

So, to help you pick out the right clothes and not have to spend money on something you don’t want, here are some ideas on what to pack in your suitcase depending on the season you are traveling to New York City.

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What to wear to New York in the summer

The first thing you should know is that summer in NYC is very strong! The heat can be overwhelming, and the months of July and August are the hottest. The heat in the Big Apple is so extreme that as soon as you set foot on the street you are already sweating, so you should be well prepared so that the weather doesn’t ruin your trip to New York.

So, what should you wear? Light, light-colored clothing forget black for this time of year. For men we recommend you carry in your suitcase many short-sleeved T-shirts and shorts, for women to wear skirts, light cloth dresses and shorts, these are indispensable garments in summer.

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Footwear is also very important as you will be walking for several hours, so you can wear open-toed sandals or comfortable tennis shoes, so you don’t feel tired too quickly.

Accessories such as a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen are also indispensable, so you can take care of your skin from the strong rays of the sun. Last but not least, it is important to wear a very fine cardigan or sweater, since in summer the shopping centers put the air conditioning to the max and when you enter any of the stores you will feel that you are in the North Pole.

Spring and Fall: What clothes to wear to New York at these two times of the year

These two seasons of the year are wonderful, many people think are the best times of the year to enjoy a tour to New York, as the temperature is very pleasant there are plenty of activities in the city and you can go out on the street without thinking that you will “die” of heat or cold.

Well, the first thing you need to carry in your suitcase is a jacket that is comfortable and warm enough for you to need it during the day or night. Since the weather can change from one time of year to the next, we recommend that you wear shirts, jeans or Chinese, although if it is usually cold in your country of origin then you can also wear shorts as you are used to low temperatures.

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The strong wind between the streets of the Big Apple is very common both in spring and autumn, so wearing proper shoes is very important so you don’t feel the air coming in through your feet, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes that are closed, forget the sandals and leave them at home. You can also wear tennis, very useful when you go for long walks, they are also in fashion and can be the final garment to make an outfit in the best New York style.

Finally, a scarf is a must in your suitcase, this accessory is going to be very useful either for spring or summer as it will help you a lot with the draughts and will also give a very chic touch to your outfits.

What to wear in winter in New York City

What clothes to wear in New York in winter? Well, this is a question every traveler asks when packing their bags to go to New York, especially if it is their first time visiting the Big Apple.

Without a doubt the cold temperatures and seeing so much snow can cause you a bit of fear, but don’t let yourself be frightened by that, you should know that visiting New York during the winter is one of the most wonderful experiences that can exist, since at this time of year the city becomes a magical place.

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So, to enjoy the winter in New York, the first thing you need to pack in your suitcase is a coat, a good coat with thermal insulation or one that is very thick. If you have one will be enough, don’t worry about wearing the same coat on your trip as it is usual for people to wear the same coat every day. As important as the coat is the footwear, we recommend you wear boots a little high (do not wear cloth shoes because your feet will freeze), which have a good grip so that you do not slip down the stairs, on the street or in the subway and if they are waterproof much better.

Other clothes that you must take in your suitcase are thick coats and t-shirts to put under them, it is important that you know that to any place to which you are going to enter will have the heating to all march, then it will not be necessary to take much clothes on top, with the jacket, the coat and two t-shirts will be sufficient.

The pants you are going to pack should be made of thick fabric, the best thing is to wear several jeans or corduroy pants, something you should add are long socks. And what you can’t forget to wear is a hat, gloves, earmuffs and scarf, these clothes are very important, and you will have to wear them as soon as you get off the plane, so you don’t freeze.

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