If it is your first time in Toronto and you don’t know what to do in this magnificent city don’t worry then you’ll find a list of 10 places you can’t miss on your first visit to Toronto, a great city that will leave you fascinated by its beauty and charm.

Not being more… let’s start with adventure

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market – Source www.macleans.ca

Located in Old Town, this market is one of the attractions not to be missed on your visit to Toronto. The St. Lawrence Market is a beloved place of the locals, there you will find a variety of products from culinary delights to handcrafted jewelry, and undoubtedly the diversity is the premise in this market. In 2012, National Geographic named St. Lawrence the best food market.

Distillery District

Distillery District – Source condos.ca

This is another must-see on your visit to Toronto, Distillery District is a historic Victorian building district filled with cafes, art galleries, restaurants and is home to Steam Winston Distillery, one of the world’s most famous breweries, which you can visit. The name Distillery District is due to the fact that this area of the city was where the whisky distilleries were, this area of the city is very fashionable, and you cannot miss it on your tour of Toronto.

Upload CN Tower

CN Tower – Source www.cambridgesuitestoronto.com

The National Tower of Canada is one of the highest observatories in the world, from this building you can see almost all of Toronto and the main attractions of the city. The CN Tower is one of the most beloved emblems by the locals, as this building is a great work of engineering. In addition to the magnificent views offered by the CN Tower in it you can do something that many do not dare and is the Edge Walk, this is a walk outside the tower while you are held by some harnesses, quite an extreme adventure. In addition, another interesting option of the CN Tower is to go and enjoy its great restaurant located in the middle of the tower.

Go to Ripley Aquarium

The Ripley Aquarium – Source torontoist.com

Well this is another great attraction not to be missed on your trip to Toronto, the Ripley Aquarium is home to more than 15 thousand animals from different ecosystems, including manta rays, sharks and turtles. This is the largest aquarium in Canada, is a beautiful and very modern place, has hundreds of interactive activities perfect if you go with children to Toronto, also has 9 rooms where you will have the opportunity to transit different marine environments. The Ripley Aquarium is impressive, is one of the places not to be missed in Toronto.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum – Source news.artnet.com

Another great icon of Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum which receives approximately more than 1 million visits per year. This spectacular museum houses a large collection of natural history, zoology, archaeology and architecture and is the fifth largest museum in North America. One of the greatest charms of the Royal Ontario Museum, also known as ROM, is its fossil and dinosaur room. This museum offers you maximum fun, inside the Royal Ontario Museum there is no room for boredom and its genius is such that you won’t want to leave it. The museum is located within the University of Ontario.

Hockey Museum

Hockey Museum – Source www.searchingtoronto.com

For sport lovers the city of Toronto has a special place reserved for them, this is the Hockey Museum, a place dedicated entirely to Canada’s popular sport. This museum is fantastic, there you can learn absolutely everything about Hockey, an exciting sport that will certainly fascinate you. In each of its rooms you will find objects and representative sporting implements, also inside the museum is the Hall of Fame of Hockey. No matter how much you know about this sport, the Hockey Museum is an attraction you can’t miss while you are in Toronto.

Casa Loma in Toronto

Casa Loma in Toronto – Source fr.wikipedia.org

This stunning 98-room building, gigantic gardens, secret tunnels, Greek fountains and Victorian furniture is another Toronto attraction not to be missed. This house, which looks more like a castle, is a spectacular place to immerse yourself in a guided tour if you don’t want to miss out on any of its rooms. In the beginning the Casa Loma belonged to Henry Pellatt, a multimillionaire who, unable to maintain it because of its high costs, went bankrupt and lost it. Sometime later the house became a museum and one of the relics of the city.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market – Source www.tripsavvy.com

Thanks to the large amount of art and bars in Kensington Market this place is one of the favorite areas for young tourists.  Located behind Chinatown, you will find this bohemian area second-hand clothing shops, vegetarian restaurants and small cafes, walking the small streets of this place is charming and there you can escape the bustle of the city and visit one of the most multicultural areas in Toronto.

Walk around Dundas Square

Dundas Square – Source www.brownandstorey.com

This place is the heart of Downtown Toronto, is an area surrounded by shopping streets, buildings with giant screens and outdoor shows, Dundas Square has an atmosphere similar to Times Square. This part of the city is another great attraction of Toronto, a place where you will always find something to do, so if you want to see the liveliest part of the city or go shopping do not hesitate to visit Dundas Square.

Visit the Toronto poster of Nathan Philips Square

Nathan Philips Square – Source en.wikipedia.org


You cannot leave this incredible city without taking a selfie with the gigantic letters that form the name of the city, TORONTO.  They are located in Nathan Phillips Square, where the City Hall is also the famous skyscraper that is the seat of the city council, which is an architectural jewel.