The Bronx is a district worth visiting. Getting to this area of the city is very easy, just by taking the subway you can get to this eclectic place in New York City. The Bronx is a very culturally and gastronomically rich district thanks to the Latino and Italian immigrants who are the majority in this area of the Big Apple.

In addition to be the cradle of Hip-Hop the Bronx has been home to famous authors and artists who have left a great legacy in the history of mankind. Another highlight of the Bronx is its architecture influenced by the art-deco that makes walking the streets of this place is an experience. Last but not least, the Bronx is home to perhaps one of the most famous baseball stadiums, Yankee Stadium.

As you can see the Bronx is an area of New York with many things and know them all can be somewhat titanic and take days, but as we know that your plan is to visit not only a Borough but walk around here you will find a guide with the best plans to do in a day of visit to the Bronx.

Let’s start!

Zero Otto Nove

If you want to go to a great restaurant in the Bronx, then go straight to Zero Otto Nove. Directed by chef Roberto Paciullo’s who came to the United States in 1970 with the decision to open his own restaurant has achieved over the years has managed to put in the top ten of the best restaurants in New York to Zero Otto Nove.

Zero Otto Nove – Source

After years of effort, dedication and knowledge, chef Roberto has developed a menu with the best of southern Italian food. There, you will find exquisite recipes that will allow you to explore different flavors. Part of the success of his cuisine is due to the use of fresh ingredients perfectly combined that enhance the aromas and texture of the food.

Zero Otto Nove is great, it is a gastronomic experience, the dishes have an excellent presentation, the interior of the place is simple with a decoration that makes you feel inside a small town, the space between the tables is very good, Zero Otto Nove is a restaurant that makes you feel very good, with a relaxed atmosphere and where you will always feel welcome. We recommend their pizza, it is one of their most famous dishes in New York.

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Arthur Avenue Retail Market

A market that has a lot of history. Arthur Avenue Market was the epicenter of the mix of many cultures in the 1940s. Here, some of the first Italian immigrants settled, bringing to the Big Apple their tradition of putting cars on the streets to market products. This important event led many New York vendors to begin organizing what is now known as the Arthur Avenue Retail Market.

Arthur Avenue Retail Market – Source

Over the years, this market grew to become a Bronx hub, where people gathered to trade. After the great success the Arthur Avenue Market Retail had a debacle caused by the difficult economic stage through which the city of New York passed in the late 60’s, but despite those difficult times the vendors managed to keep the Market and by the early 80’s had a revival, returning to be a very important place of New York culture and a meeting point for all who lived in the Bronx.

In addition to be a place that influenced the development of New York City there you can live first hand as is the life of someone who lives in the Big Apple, buy hundreds of souvenirs, eat at one of the restaurants that are in the Market and end the visit with a dessert from some of the Italian bakeries there.

Joyce Kilmer Park

This park is a tribute to the poet, journalist and soldier Joyce Kilmer. This park was known as the Concourse Plaza, but in 1926 it was renamed, and it was in that year when it became the Joyce Kilmer Park.

Joyce Kilmer Park – Source

The park was completely redesigned in 1936 and it is in this year that they put up the park’s two most famous monuments, the Louis J. Heintz statue and the Lorelei fountain. The redesign of the park made people visit the site and that’s when the Bronx community makes Joyce Park one of their favorite places to go for sports, cultural activities and to meet family or friends.

We recommend you visit the Joyce Park because it is a nice place to walk, where you can spend a quiet time, a park with some very beautiful monuments that are worth photographing and will also give you a different perspective of what many people think the Bronx is.

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Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

If you are passionate about reading and you are going to travel to New York, then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the home of the legendary writer Edgar Allan Poe. You will love to visit this house museum, there you can see how the writer lived during his last years of life, as well as see elements that Poe used in himself day by day.

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage – Source

One of the most interesting places of the house museum is the writer’s room, in this place of the house is the bed in which his wife died, is a little gloomy but very Edgar Allan Poe style.

Inside the house there is a shop where you can buy several items that will remind you of your visit to Edgar Allan Poe’s house. As a curious fact Poe during his stay in this house wrote works such as Annabel Lee or The Cast of Amontillado. This is one of New York’s treasures worth visiting.

Walk along its streets

This is something you must do, and you will enjoy very much when you are in the Bronx. The streets have very interesting murals, and walking allows you to appreciate much more the multiculturality of this wonderful New York Borough, as well as to see the different shops where you can find products at very good prices.

Bronx – Source

So, don’t miss the opportunity to do something different in New York City, that your visit to the Big Apple is not just being in Manhattan, going out and meeting other Boroughs is the best way to have an unforgettable trip.