In June, New York shine, this time of the year starts many of the best outdoor activities that you can do in the Big Apple. Concerts, parades, festivals there are just some of the plans that you could find in New York City during June, so if you want to have a spectacular time in the City that Never Sleeps here below we share with you the top 7 plans that you must do if are visiting New York in June.

Let’s begin!

Central Park Summerstage

Central Park Summerstage

Central Park Summerstage – Source

Summerstage is one of the most incredible festivals in New York City. The Festival is free and held in each borough of the Big Apple. From June to August the locals and tourist would enjoy over 500 live shows, theatre plays, concerts among other things. Central Park is the principal spot where this festival is going to hold, there you will be able to see the main events of the Summerstage 2019. However, we recommend you explore all New York City, and this festival is a great opportunity to know the other districts of New York, so, do not hesitate to visit Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island while you enjoy the Summerstage Festival.

Taste of Times Square

Taste of Times Square

Taste of Times Square – Source

Times Square hosts an incredible gastronomic festival, known as Taste of Times Square. This festival provides for the visitors’ an enjoyable experience where foodie lovers will be able to taste a great variety of exceptional dishes. In Taste of Times Square take part over 50 famous restaurants of New York, and the best of the event is the costs of each plate, that are among 2 and 10 dollars, this is fantastic because you will able to taste incredible dishes for little money. This exceptional gastronomic festival is going to held on June 3 in the 46th Street of 9th Avenue. Since 17 to 21 hours.

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Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party have become in one of the most expected events in New York City.  In this fantastic festival, you are going to enjoy the original American barbecue, and eat delightful hamburgers. On the other hand, during the festival, also you could enjoy a lot of different doings, such as concerts, cooking shows, board games, and many other spectacular outdoor activities.

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party take places in Madison Avenue, between 23 and 26 streets. If you are looking for a fun plan to do in June in New York City, this is a great option, you will enjoy the barbecue with your friends, although, we recommend you arrive early because of thousands of people will be there enjoying the festival like you.

A fun fact to end, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is the biggest barbecue of the United States.

Museum Mile Festival

Museum Mile Festival is an outstanding chance to visit the best museums in New York City free. Just once a year occurs this fantastic opportunity where all Fifth Avenue’s Museums opens their doors no charge, an initiative that seeks to bring art to everyone, doesn’t matter if is a New Yorker or a tourist.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Source

The museums that are going to be part of the Museum Mile Festival are:

  • Museum for African Art (110th Street)
  • El Museo del Barrio (105th Street)
  • Museum of the City of New York (103rd Street)
  • The Jewish Museum (92nd Street)
  • Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (91st Street)
  • National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts (89th Street)
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (88th Street)
  • Neue Galerie New York (86th Street)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (82nd Street)

Museum Mile Festival will be held June 11, from 18 hours to 21 hours and, during the event, you also would see street art expositions, enjoy live music and much more.

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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

 The mermaid parade is a huge celebration, almost 3 thousand peoples take part in this event each year and, many of them dressed in costumes than recreates mermaids, pirates, Greek gods and, other mythological characters. In addition to the costumes, along Coney Island, you will see parades of floats decorated with sea symbols and maritime flags.

This parade is a great show, where people enjoy a lot and, the march is a vibrant celebration with stupendous outdoors activities. One of the best show’s Mermaid Parade is the costume contest, a competition where you would see extravagant mythologic Greek gods in our days.

The Mermaid Parade will be held 18 June, it’s a free event. The Mermaid Parade also welcomes the summer.

NYC Pride Parade

The NYC Pride Parade is one of the most important celebrations in the United States. The parade is an expression of equality and liberty that commemorates the first gay manifestation against the police brutality in 1969, incident that would change the Big Apple and the society and, would be origin to the Gay Movement in NYC.

Each year millions of people take parts in this parade, people from different corners of the city and the world because the NYC Pride Parade is the biggest parade all over the world.  This colossal parade is celebrated on June 30th, the parade begins at midday and goes from Fifth Avenue to Greenwich Street. Learn more about the NYC Pride Parade ->

New York Comedy Festival

Comedy Central, Huffington Post, and Caroline’s are who organize this incredible comedy festival. In the New York Comedy Festival take part the most famous comedians of the United States, in total are 60 shows that you can see in different areas, comedy clubs and bars along of Manhattan. The festival runs from June 4 to June 9, are seven days enjoying the best comedian shows in New York City. Some of the comedians that will take part in the NYC Comedy Festival 2019 are Conan O’Brien, Craig Robinson, Jammali Madix, Bret Kreischer, Alex Edelman, Tracy Morgan among others stupendous humorists.

Did you know that New York Comedy Festival celebrate 15 years of laughter? New York Comedy Festival marked a turning point in the comedy history in the Big Apple, became an important festival for many emerge humorists, in addition, turned into one of the most prestigious worldwide comedy festivals.

The money raised at the festival will be used for different charitable causes. You can purchase the tickets and have more information about New York Comedy Festival on its official website ->