If you are wondering what the best plans are for New York during February, below is a list of activities that will make your visit to the Big Apple an adventure you’ll never forget.

New York Fashion Week 2020

The New York Fashion Week is a super important event in the city, it marks the beginning of the catwalks around the world, in addition, it is the time of the year in which the new trends of the year for the Autumn-Winter season are presented.

New York Fashion Week 2020

New York Fashion Week 2020 – Source fashionista.com

Designers, models, stylists, journalists, fashionistas, celebrities, bloggers, the most important figures in fashion meet in this important event, which is considered the most important in the fashion industry. In addition to the big catwalk, other events related to the fashion industry take place throughout New York during Fashion Week.

As a matter of fact, the first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943 and was created to attract the attention of the French fashionistas’ followers during the Second World War. So, if you’re a fashion lover there’s nothing better than going to New York Fashion Week, an unforgettable event.

Valentine’s Day in Times Square

Valentine’s Day is much more than just any day, this day paralyzes New York, waves of millions of people prepare to receive and celebrate this great celebration.

Valentine’s Day is the day of the lovers, the flower shops and restaurants work a thousand times more, finding a reservation in a restaurant for this date is almost impossible, most of them are full. So, if you’re looking for alternatives to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2020, one of the best options is the Love in Times Square event.

Valentine's Day in Times Square

Valentine’s Day in Times Square – Source archpaper.com

This year 2020 is the 12th edition of Love in Times Square, an event that New Yorkers and tourists take advantage of to declare their love in public. Hundreds of couples go to this event to renew their vows or declare their love on the mythical red glass stairs of Times Square. There are couples who celebrate their wedding in this same place or there are those who are surprised with the big question “Will you marry me?” on this day you will see thousands of things, an amazing day.

On this date, the famous red heart is installed in Times Square, a large sculpture which steals the glances of all who pass by this place.

Orchid Show at the Botanical Garden 2020

The orchid exhibition that takes place in the Botanical Garden every year is one of the most spectacular events, it is one of the best plans to do in New York in February. This year 2020, the 18th edition of The Orchid Show will take place, the event will have dozens of cultural activities, such as concerts, talks, exhibitions and much more.

More than 7 thousand orchids are shown during the show, flowers that come from different parts of the world. The New York Botanical Garden is located in Brooklyn. The event starts on February 15 until April 19, 2020. This year the main theme of the event is inspired by kaleidoscopes, so it will be a colorful show.

President’s Day in New York 2020

Another big event in New York during February is President’s Day, a big celebration that pays tribute to the presidents of the United States. This day is very important, proof of this is that it is a national holiday, so banks and schools are closed, but there is nothing to worry about, most restaurants, bars, shops and museums in the city are open.

During this day there are parades in different areas of New York, as well as concerts and cultural events. For tourists this is a great date, since that weekend of President’s Day many stores in the city make sales, spectacular discounts that you can take advantage. In addition, the big brands also join this celebration by offering incredible discounts, so President’s Day is a good opportunity to go shopping in New York.

Visit the museums of New York

To finish this blog of things to do in New York in February we recommend one of the best plans, visiting the museums of the Big Apple. This is an excellent plan, since for this time of the year the city is not so full of tourists and it is easier to visit the museums. In addition, these temples of culture are an ideal space to escape from the cold, so this is a very good plan.

Museums of New York

Museums of New York – Source www.newsweek.com

You know, some of the best museums in New York are the MoMA, The New York Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and The Cloisters. New York is a city with an infinite cultural richness, so any museum you visit will be an adventure you will love.