Brooklyn is one of the most wonderful boroughs you can walk in New York, walk through this district, which is 3 times bigger than Manhattan and was once a city, is something wonderful, a vibrant place full of contrasts and many interesting things to do.

One of those great places you can find in Brooklyn is DUMBO, an acronym for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, this neighborhood is an eclectic place, captivating from beginning to end, there is no doubt that it is a place you should visit if you are touring New York.

In your tour of New York, you will get to know amazing places and that’s why we recommend 10 things to see and do in DUMBO, each of them is an experience you will never forget.

1) When leaving York Street Station the first thing you should do is go to Washington Street, there is where you can take one of the most beautiful photos of New York, patience, you will not be the only person trying to take the iconic photo of the Manhattan Bridge in which behind the bridge is the shocking skyline of New York.

2) After capturing the New York skyline you walk down, and you will find the cobblestone Plymouth ST. This street today preserves the old rails of the freight trains that passed to supply Brooklyn’s factories, today those factories have become luxurious apartments, art galleries, warehouses and artists’ workshops.

This street keeps an atmosphere of the old New York, where you can appreciate what the Big Apple was like, this is incredible because you can take many photos and take those memories of the beginnings of New York. Walking along Plymouth Street you will find very interesting and retro places in New York.

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge – Source iStock

3) Another fascinating place that you can visit is Main Street Park, the most famous park in DUMBO, it is because it offers you a view of the city that is very difficult to overcome, from this park you will have a view of the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the imposing East River and the wonderful skyline of Manhattan, a view impossible to improve, most likely you will take lots of pictures there and each of them will be spectacular. This place is frequently visited by tourists and locals, one of the favorite places in New York.

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4) If you want to visit one of the most romantic places in New York do not hesitate a second to visit Jane’s Carousel, a carousel that was manufactured in 1920. The carousel retains a unique beauty, time has not passed by this place, plus the views it offers of the city are truly amazing.

Brooklyn bought the merry-go-round from an amusement park and has been in the district since the 1980s, getting on the merry-go-round costs $2. This place will fascinate you; it has a wonderful charm. Super recommended place!

Main Street Park

Main Street Park – Source

5) Pebble Beach is another place worth visiting, it’s a beach full of rocks and an exceptional place to take pictures and admire New York from far away. Another great plan to do there is to rent a kayak and navigate the East River, you can rent them on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays. Kayaks are available from June to August.

Pebble Beach is a good plan, especially in the afternoon hours when the scenery looks more beautiful than normal.

6) Brooklyn and the DUMBO area is really beautiful, has many places to visit, another of them is the John Street Park, from there you can have a different perspective than from Main Street Park, from there you will also see the buildings, bridges and the river, the whole skyline of New York.

John Street Park is not such a famous park, which makes it ideal if you want to take lots of pictures of New York and avoid the crowds, so if you are looking for a quiet place we strongly recommend you to go to John Street Park.  The best thing about taking pictures in this place is that you will see New York from a totally different perspective.

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7) A very good plan that you can do in Brooklyn is to visit Empire Stores one of the most unique shopping centers in New York, this mall is built inside an old building of the city, is a very beautiful shopping center, with hundreds of shops, offices and exquisite restaurants.

Empire Stores is one of the most modern shopping malls in New York and one of DUMBO’s proudest. This place, like many in Brooklyn, offers incredible views of New York City. One of the most fashionable places in the Big Apple.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge – Source Take New York Tours

8) Bridge Park is one of those places that you have to visit if you are in Brooklyn, many people consider that from this park you can take the best pictures of New York and is that this park has a unique charm, are not only its incredible views are also the beautiful places that you can find walking through Bridge Park. One of the most beautiful places you can visit in Bridge Park is Pier 4, a very photogenic place.

9) A night trip to DUMBO is another great plan to make in New York, seeing the city lit from the other side of the river is unforgettable, plus DUMBO is also well known for having great restaurants, so a romantic night in Brooklyn can be a great way to say goodbye to New York. Of course, a picture of the skyline in New York at night is something you can’t miss in the Big Apple.

10) Finally, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most incredible experiences you can live in New York City.