If you are spending a couple of days in New York, a good idea is to take a tour to Washington DC, an amazing city that has several landmarks to visit and is just a couple of hours away from the Big Apple.

This one-day tour to the capital of the United States is an excellent occasion to visit representative places, such as the White House, Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument and many other great sites.

There are many reasons to visit Washington DC, among them, it is a city that is very close to New York, on the other hand, the capital of the United States offers you a tourist experience different from the Big Apple.

Something we love is that the tour to Washington DC is an excursion for people of all ages, in addition, it is a city with dozens of interesting places to visit, it has beautiful landscapes and its monuments are incredible.

Let’s get started!

Washington DC Tour Itinerary

The tour starts early in the morning, people gather at the meeting point, where they board a comfortable bus that will take them from New York to Washington DC. Once all the people are aboard the vehicle, the trip will begin, you will leave Manhattan behind, then you will pass through New Jersey and Delaware, at this point the car stops and you will get off for an express breakfast. After this, you will follow the road and arrive in Washington DC.

Something we love about this trip is that when you are arriving to the capital of the United States, the city receives you with a beautiful landscape, we recommend that you have your camera ready to capture that beautiful moment when you are entering Washington DC.

Now that we have arrived in Washington DC, we want to tell you about some of the places you will be visiting on the tour. Here we go!

What to see in Washington DC in 1 day

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery – Source Take New York Tours

One way to get a good start is to visit Arlington Cemetery, where fallen heroes rest. One of the most emblematic places of Washington DC and the United States, in this cemetery, is the Tomb of the Kennedys and the flame that never dies, also are the Monument to the Veterans of Vietnam and the Monument of the Second World War.

The Arlington Cemetery is considered the most important military cemetery in the country, where American soldiers rest in peace from the different wars from the War of Independence to the last military interventions in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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Iwo Jima Memorial

One of the monuments most visited by tourists every day, the Iwo Jima Memorial is a tribute to the Marines who died defending the United States. A curious fact of this memorial is that it is inspired in the photo of the Battle of Iwo Jima, in this photo you can see the soldiers raising the flag of the USA after the war.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument – Source teenkidsnews.com

One of the monuments you can’t miss if you are in Washington DC. The Washington Monument is without a doubt is one of the most representative places in the city, a monument that shows the power of a nation.

The monument was built in honor of America’s first president, George Washington, and is one of the most visited and photographed places in the city.

The Washington Monument became the world’s tallest monument, losing its title after the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.

Lincoln Monument

Spectacular! The Lincoln Memorial is one of the best places in Washington DC. A monument that pays tribute to the 16th president of the United States. This place is huge, once you are in front of the monument you will feel tiny, inside the building that houses the statue of Abraham Lincoln you will find that on the walls several inspirational messages, worth to read them.

Another thing we love about this place, is that the views you have of the city are impressive, plus, the Lincoln Memorial is right across from the Washington Monument, it looks like they are looking at each other.

The U.S. Capitol


Capitol – Source iStock

A majestic building, its white color, and its great cupola are one of the symbols of the city and of the United States. It is in this building where the congressmen of the nation meet, it is a place that demonstrates the power of the Government, besides, it is a jewel of the architecture, its neoclassical design turns it into one of the treasures of Washington DC. Having the possibility to visit The Capitol is something unique.

These places that we share you up here are only some of the places that you will visit in the Tour to Washington 1 day, other emblems of the city that you will be able to go to see are: Reflecting Pool, White House, the National Mall, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Air, and Space Museum and many more.

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Back to New York

At the end of the afternoon, we will depart from Washington DC back to New York, once we reach the Big Apple you will arrive exactly at Times Square, there you can continue your day exploring one of the most famous areas of New York.

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