With no doubt, one of the first plans you want to make as soon as you are in New York City is to go shopping and is that is irresistible give into the temptation of no go to shopping with the great number of stores that exist in town. So, that you won’t miss any, here you will find a wonderful and complete guide to the best places and stores to buy in the Big Apple.

Let’s start!

Shopping Malls

We begin this article head to the big shopping malls that lie in New York City, and we could start by saying that these enormous palaces are places in where you can find anything you need.

Let’s talk about one of the largest stores in the Big Apple, Macy’s. Its store is located at Manhattan and is striking! The store has 11 floors where you will find many things such as jewels, perfumes, shoes, home décor, etc. with a wide variety of prices. A good place for go to a shop.

Source www.linternaute.fr

Source www.linternaute.fr

To just one Street of Macy’s, is located the Manhattan Mall, a shopping mall with a sober façade and it could go unseen but in fact is a treasure chest, as there are you are going to find a large variety of stores. The shopping mall is in Midtown, is not than bigger like other malls that exist in New York City, but undoubtedly is a good place where you can find some discounts and known retails.

Another enormous store is Century 21 and is a large chain store that has amazing discounts, in many occasions, the bargains go up to 70%, OMG this is incredible! On this store you will save a lot of money, but… the store is some disorganized so, to find something that you like could take you hours. Well, but don’t get discouraged, Century 21 is an amazing place where if you have patient and time you could find clothing, accessories, shoes and household items at very good prices.

Fifth Avenue

With no doubt, the Fifth Avenue is the most famous street in New York City, a street with style, cosmopolitan, a place where you will see the most iconic New York City buildings and also is the home of the greatest fashion brands known worldwide.

Fifth Avenue – Foto tomada de www.tripsavvy.com

At Fifth Avenue are located exclusive stores such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Cartier and the famous jewelry shop Tiffany & Co an emblematic NYC store. A very recommended plan to make in Tiffany is to enter to see the Tiffany Diamond which is exhibited on the principal floor of the shop, is very beautiful.

There are many shops on Fifth Avenue where you can also find popular brands such as Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Paul Smith and American Girl Place.

New York City Outlets

An hour from Manhattan is the famous Woodbury Common, this outlet like a small town that has a wide variety of stores, so much so that you will need a full day to get around. This huge outlet is one of the best places to shop as its stores have irresistible discounts.

One of the highlights of Woodbury is that shops of great designers such as Marc Jacobs or Jimmy Choo (often with discounts of up to 65%) coexist with major consumer brands such as Adidas, American Eagle and Aeropostale, making the outlet a place for everyone.

Woodbury Outlets – Source graylinenewyork.com

The best way to go to Woodbury Outlet is taken a tour, which one will allow you to have a great shopping day and return comfortably to New York City. If you want to know about the tour enter on this link (www)

Another famous mega outlet is the Jersey Garden. Just one hour from the city this outlet is well known for the great discounts you can find. The Jersey Garden is an outlet with massive brands, with mass consumer brands such as Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Abercrombie, Calvin Klein, Nike and Coach.

Shopping at Jersey Gardens is worth it, especially if you’re looking for new shoes, as many times the same discounts are available for special discounts that make the purchase much cheaper. If you have time to go, you will certainly not leave this outlet without buying something.

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Flea Markets

Chelsea Market – Source: www.flickr.com/photos/u-suke/4762375377

If you are looking for something more independent or maybe you want to buy something with a vintage vibe, the flea markets are the perfect place to find it. They offer a great variety and it’s an option not to rule out when you want to take a souvenir from New York. Include in your list of places to visit in New York the markets, you will be surprised at the wonders you can buy in these places.

The 5 best flea markets for many New Yorkers are:

  • Chelsea Market
  • Brooklyn Flea Market, DUMBO
  • The Market NYC
  • Green Flea Market
  • Grand Bazaar NYC

Toy Stores

Nintendo World – Source www.randomnintendo.com

If you are going to travel with your kiddos or you must buy gifts for the family child don’t worry, along New York City lie many incredible toy stores that will get you out of troubles.

Below, you will find New York’s best-known toy stores:

  • American Girl Palace: A wonderful place where you can customize a doll like you want.
  • Lego Store: This store is incredible where you will spend a great time playing with the Lego pieces.
  • Toys “R” Us: Located at Manhattan Mall, this toy store is the paradise for the kids, there you will find thousands of toys.
  • Build a Bear Workshop: This store is awesome, there you could make a bear, dress it, put all the accessories you want on it and take it home with you.
  • Nintendo World: A place created for Nintendo fans, the store is spectacular, you can buy toys, video games, and souvenirs.


Sample Sales

Another good way to find great deals are Sample Sales, temporary stores that open the brands to sell the clothes left over from a previous season. If you’re walking around New York and see one of these stores, don’t hesitate to come in! I’m sure you’ll find great clothes at great discounts.