New York City nights are very lively and the LGBTI community no doubt knows how to take advantage of that energy from the city, which is why the Big Apple is one of the places where some of the best gay parties are held.

And is that New York is an open range of possibilities for the LGBTI community, has bars of all styles and budgets, with diverse themes, although every gay bar in New York has something in common, what matters is the fun, so if you are a tourist looking for an unforgettable night then stay and take a look at this list of the best gay bars in New York.

Let’s begin!

Industry Bar

This place used to be an industrial warehouse and is now one of the most stylish gay bars in New York City. Industry Bar is renowned for its big parties, some themed nights, dance competitions and TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Industry Bar – Source Facebook

The bar is frequented by an audience between 20 and 40 years old and coming from different parts of the world, this is why the atmosphere of the bar stands out from others.  The music is extremely good, the price of the cocktails is fine, within the average and last night the bar raises the tables and becomes a gigantic dance floor. They receive only cash and are located in a safe neighborhood of New York City. In few words, Industry Bar it is a great place to meet new people, dance and listen to good music.

The Boiler Room

If you are looking for a place to have a drink, spend a relaxing time and rest after a long day in New York City this is the perfect bar. In comparison to Therapy or Industry bar this bar is not an extravagant bar and neither of great parties, the plan in this bar is to try different cocktails.

The Boiler Room – Source

Its barman prepares excellent drinks, they all have a special touch and some are very strong, so much so that without realizing it you can end up dancing in the corridors of the bar.

Another plus of The Boiler Room is that it is a great bar to meet new people, because its relaxed atmosphere allows you to start conversations very easily, so if you get to go to this bar most probably you end up making new friends. To finish with this bar you should know that The Boiler Room is an institution in East Village, which the LBGTI community in New York usually frequents.

Stonewall Inn

This gay bar is a landmark for the LGBTI community, it is in this place where the international gay liberation movement began in the United States and today it is a historic monument of New York City. First of all, there you will live the history, this world icon is an essential visit, so if you have the opportunity to go to Stonewall Inn do not hesitate to do so for one second.

Stonewall Inn – Source

The bar is located in the heart of the historic Greenwich Village, in addition to its interesting history is a great bar for partying, the nights at Stonewall Inn are extremely fun, where at the end of the night you can see how people go crazy to the rhythm of the music. Their drinks are great, excellent bartender, maybe there you will live one of the best gay environments in the city and their Happy Hour is great, cheap drinks for everyone.

The shows in this bar are amazing, you will find karaoke nights, dance contests and drag shows. The bar was recently remodeled and expanded several areas of the place; Stonewall Inn is a bar to have a unforgettable night.

Barracuda Lounge

Barracuda is one of the great references of the LGBTI movement of the Big Apple, this bar is a classic and a must-see on your tour of New York.  This place offers you a relaxed space, where you can watch drag-queen shows and have some drinks, is a very good place to go to enjoy a moment with your partner.

Barracuda New York

The experience in this bar is very authentic, you will feel very comfortable, in this place will always welcome you with open arms. Of Barracuda we must emphasize its staff, is very kind, their attention is excellent make you feel very good, you will not feel like a tourist and this makes it one of the best gay bars in New York. The drinks are cheap, the decoration of the place is excellent and is among the favorite bars of New Yorkers.


One of the favorite bars of locals and tourists, if you ask for a good gay bar in New York the answer will be Therapy. The popularity of this bar is impressive, although it does not take many years, has earned its fame for organizing great parties, in addition its Happy Hour is exceptional.

Therapy – Source

Another great attraction are the shows that are made in Therapy, because recognized artists of the LGBTI community participate in them and offer a whole show that is animating the party little by little until arriving at the peak of the night where the DJ puts the music at full volume and starts the party.

Therapy is here to stay for a long time, it has all the ingredients to become within a few years the best gay bar in New York City, its attention is excellent, the atmosphere is perfect, the people who go to the bar is great and also the food is very delicious. Therapy super recommended!