In front of the River Potomac is located the old Georgetown, an incredible neighborhood which blends the history with elegant restaurants, shops, and beautiful buildings. If you know how to explore each corner of this striking neighborhood, here below you will find a helpful guide with the best things to do in Georgetown, Washington DC.

Let’s begin!

Take a tour of the Historic District

Georgetown is a spectacular neighborhood, a worth visit if you are in a Tour to Washington DC. This area of the U.S. Capital has a fascinating history, there you will see incredible houses which date from the 18th and 19th century, besides, take a tour of Georgetown is visit some of the best’s restaurants and shops of Washington DC.

Besides, Georgetown is the home of the prestigious Georgetown University, founded in 1789 as Georgetown College is one of the oldest universities of the world. Georgetown is also famous for offers a large diversity of great European restaurants.

Explore the C&O Canal, an historic place

While you walk through Georgetown the most probably thing is that you will find the historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, a fascinating which dating back to the 18th century.  The construction of the C&O Canal started in 1828 and was completed in 1850.

Things to do in Georgetown

C&O Canal – Source

Undoubtedly, the C&O Canal is a stupendous attraction of Georgetown, besides to offer a magical atmosphere is an interesting recreation zone where you can do activities such as Hiking, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Biking among others stupendous things.

The C&O Canal is a great heritage of the first inhabitants of Washington DC, a place that will let you great memories of U.S. Capital.

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Eat and Drink in Georgetown

Georgetown is also known for being an incredible gastronomic destination. There you will find a large variety of restaurants; Georgetown is a prime eating stop in your Tour to Washington DC.

Things to do in Georgetown

Washington Harbour – Source

As we have told you, the historic Georgetown has many incredible restaurants, and some of them are in the Washington Harbour providing of their guest stupendous views of the Potomac River.

Georgetown also has tons of incredible outdoor restaurants, as well as amazing locals to have a romantic dinner.  Go to eat at Georgetown must be in your plans, is a great experience that you cannot miss during a Washington DC tour.

Go Shopping

Georgetown also is a fantastic place for shopping, this Washington DC area has many amazing boutiques, antique stores, is plenty of interesting stores for people of all ages. Some of the most important stores of Georgetown are in M Street, a place where you will find well-known brands such as Gap, Talbots and Burberry’s.

Go shopping to Georgetown will let you explore this fascinating area of Washington DC; there you will see another face of the US Capita beyond the museums and memorials. If you are in Washington DC, don’t miss this incredible plan.

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Visit Georgetown University

Georgetown University is another place that worth to visit. The University of Georgetown is one of the nation’s top institutions besides it was the first Catholic academy in America, founded in 1789.

The academy, these days, still preserve their oldest campus with its authentic buildings. Another interesting fact about Georgetown University, this catholic institute had excellent basketball teams with players, like Allen Iverson, Roy Hibbert, and Patrick Ewing, all of them were part of the Hoyas before became NBA players.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University – Source

Georgetown University is also famous for having had students such as the 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton, the actor Bradley Cooper, the T.V. star Savannah Guthrie and the King of Spain Felipe de Borbón. This academy is full of interesting facts, another one, they are the first university of U.S.  which had a newspaper with regular publications, the Georgetown Voice is printed since 1920.

Undoubtedly, Georgetown University is an incredible place, we recommend you visit it because is a place with decades of history.

Dumbarton Oaks

Any Washington DC tour is complete without a visit to Dumbarton Oaks, a beautiful mansion which in these days is committed to supporting research in the fields of Byzantine and Pre-Columbian studies.

Dumbarton Oaks has a large and important collection of art, as well as, rare and fascinating books, European and medieval artworks. Itself the mansion is an artwork; the building has a gorgeous colonial design which dates from 1800.

Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks – Source Facebook

On the other hand, Dumbarton Oak is very popular in the United States for has impressive gardens, all of them were designed among 1922 and 1947. The Dumbarton Oaks Gardens are marvelous, full of stunning sculptures, fountains and incredible paths.

This place is enchanting, every time you take a trip to Washington DC put Dumbarton Oaks in the list of places to visit in Washington DC.

Georgetown Waterfront Park

Georgetown Waterfront Park is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Washington DC. There you can walk quietly, enjoy many activities, such as an outdoor walk or watch the sunset on the river.

This place is simply spectacular, its beauty is impressive, and it is full of fantastic restaurants. In summer, the Georgetown Waterfront Park attracts hundreds of tourists, as there are many festivals and concerts in the summer months.

This place is incredible, full of style and with a great atmosphere, plus a great view of the Potomac River that will make you spend one of the best moments in your tour of Washington DC.