No doubt NYC is a principal city in the history of the punk rock. The capital of the world witnessed the birth of a battle cry that hundreds of teenagers chanted in the 70’s and that still makes noise today. So, put on your Dr. Martens, you pyramid stud belt, lift your Mohawk because we’re gonna travel around NYC… so let’s go!

We start with an important place in this music genre, the great CBGB (Country, BlueGrass, and Blues). The legendary pub where The Ramones, Blondie, Sonic Youth, The Dictators, The Misfits, Iggy Pop, Bad Brains, played. The CBGB, more than a music hall, was creative scenery where the punk rock had its first home. It closed its doors in 2006 and now is a store, but this marvelous place is still the Mecca of Punk Rock.

The Ramones – Source

If punk rock runs through your veins, it is time to visit one of the most iconic clothing stores of this genre. The Trash and Vaudeville (96 East 7th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue), opened in 1975, has never lost its punk style and you can still feel the essence of a culture that keeps making noise. The list of artists, underground musicians, actors, and teenage rebels that have paraded in this store is fantastic. This place can be considered a fashion museum.

Well, now we’re going to go somewhere else, a bar that still exists. The Continental (25 3rd Ave New York, NY 10003 b/t Stuyvesant St & Great Jones St East Village) is a pub with a superb jukebox, with cheap drinks and an incredibly good atmosphere. In this pleasant pub, Iggy Pop drank a few drinks and gave great concerts. Visit The Continental is a stop that you must make.

Finally, if you are a fan of punk rock music and you are hungry, Manitoba (99 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009) is the recommended place to eat. This restaurant is part of the history. It has a lot of beautiful photos of many punk rock bands and best of all the owner is the singer of the legendary band The Dictators, Richard Manitoba whom you can find serving a few drinks and be telling some stories. This place is a punk rock temple, an authentic place, a place to have an excellent time!

Manitoba´s – Source

NYC is the shelter of a music scene that returned to its roots to live again in the underground and enjoy it.

Bonus track

Hey! Below I leave a playlist with 5 greatest punk rock songs to start your trip to NYC.

1.’53rd & 3rd’ – The Ramones
2. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
3. Heart of glass – Blondie
4. One life, one chance – H2O
5. Avenue A – The Dictators