Along New York City there are many incredible wine shops. As France and Spain, in New York City the people love the wine and through the years have been developed a common passion for this drink.

Thousands of wine shops have been opened in the last years, and each of them, there are expert’s winemaker that has collaborated to create a culture around the wine in New York City, and for that reason, exist many stupendous wine shops in the Big Apple.

The diversity of wineries is incredible in New York, so we have made a detailed selection, and we want to share with you what we consider to be the 3 best wine stores you can find in New York City.

Let’s begin!

Flatiron Wines & Spirits

At Flatiron Wines & Spirits you will find several selections of wines from different countries and regions of the planet, some of them are Germany, Beaujolais, Sicily, Jura, the Loire Valley, Piedmont, and Tuscany.

One of the focus of this wine shop is to provide wine made by small producers, that use traditional technics and made wine using natural methods.  Behind each bottle of wine that sells Flatiron Wines & Spirits there a family tradition and story.

Flatiron Wines & Spirits

Flatiron Wines & Spirits – Source

Walking inside this wine shop, you will find hundreds of wines under 20 dollars, besides, over 100 kinds of champagnes. Flatiron Wines & Spirits has a vast selection of wines, and, each bottle of wine has at least 10 years of has been elaborated, they only sell mature wines and many of their wines are made in small quantities.

Flatiron Wines & Spirits is a great wine shop, a worth visit while you are taking a tour to New York because is an inexpensive store where you can find a great selection of wines. Flatiron Wines & Spirits has its shop at 929 Broadway, nr. 22nd St.

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Brooklyn Winery

Set in the vibrant Williamsburg zone, Brooklyn Winery is an urban winery that deserves to visit if you are taking a tour for New York City. This fantastic wine cellar combines tradition with innovation, thus creating premium wines made by the famous winemaker Connor McCormack.

On the other hand, Brooklyn Winery offers an incredible tour through the winery, if you take the tour you will have the possibility to learn about how are produced each of their wines, as well as, taste many of their artisanal wines.

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery – Source Facebook

Brooklyn Winery also has a wine bar, this bar is awesome, there you can enjoy a vast selection of wine, beer, and food. Moreover, the bar offers a relaxing environment where you can learn about the art of making wine from expert winemakers. The bar also is a perfect place to gather with friends, its atmosphere is amazing.

Brooklyn Winery usually is open every day for the public, except the days that have private events. Check their official website, there you will find in detail the dates and times they are open. They are at 213 N. 8th St. Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

With an unbelievable selection of wines, with a knowledgeable staff and with an astonishing bar, Brooklyn Winery is a spot that worth exploring while you are visiting New York City.

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Leon & Son

Enter in this wine shop is a great pleasure, it is a paradise for the wine lovers, looks like a small cellar but inside you will find a vast selection of wines brought in from different regions of the world.

Leon & Son has a perfect bottle of wine for every palate, there, is easy to find the indicate bottle for every occasion. Many of their wines come from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and other European regions. This wine shop has a large variety of red wines, as well as, white wines and sparkling wines. Is not an expensive shop, Leon & Son always has a hidden gem that within everyone’s reach.

Leon & Son

Leon & Son – Source

The man behind Leon & Son is Chris Leon, owner, and director of this fantastic wine shop. He is an enthusiast who wanted to share its passion and love for the wine and decided to open this fantastic shop, where you could have an unforgettable experience in New York City.

Another incredible thing about Leon & Son is its staff, a welcoming group of people that always willing to help you. The hospitality of the staff is going to beyond the purchase, also have great knowledge and give excellent recommendations.

Lion & Son has won important prizes and has incredible reviews. The wine shop is located at Brooklyn, 995 Fulton street. There also you can buy gifts and join a Wine Club.