New York City is a town for everybody, an inclusive city. Each year plenty tourists visiting the Big Apple, and among these visitors are the skaters, persons that seek extreme-adventures and who are looking for the best places to ride in New York City.

This mecca of skateboarding has many places to have fun, where anyone can go to demonstrate its style, it doesn’t matter if you are expert or a new skateboarder because there’s nowhere else in the world like the Big Apple to go skating, so check this out, the best skateparks in New York City.

Pier 62 Skatepark

Located at 143 11th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Pier 62 Skatepark – Source

You will love this skatepark! This place has a lot of good transitions, half-pipes, bowls and ramps. Although the skatepark was designed for everybody, this place is not a good spot for the beginners, because has hurdles very hard. Pier 62 skatepark is the largest skatepark of New York City, the entry is free and is open from 8 am to 8 pm. It is a modern place to go to skate and has a wonderful sight of the Hudson River.

Tribeca Skatepark

Located at 100 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013

Tribeca Skatepark – Source

One of the best skateparks in New York City with a stupendous vibe. The park has a street skateboarding, all its obstacles are well distributed and the materials with was constructed the park are high quality. This spot is an excellent park for rookies and pro skaters, there you will find rails, gaps, banks, and half-pipes to suit every taste. Is not a big park, the entry is free, offer a great sight of Manhattan and the skatepark is open from 8 am to 6 p.m.

Les Skatepark

Located at 62 Monroe St & Pike St., New York, NY 10002

Les Skatepark – Source

This skatepark is located just down of the Manhattan Bridge, near to Chinatown and is an awesome place for go to skate and meet new people. The design of the skatepark is incredible, has many rails, pipes, half-pipes, excellent transitions, ledges, and curbs, undoubtedly is a great spot. There you could see many pro skaters and this place is where the best NYC skaters congregate for demonstrate their skills. Les Skatepark has a big size, the entry is free and is an excellent place for hang out.

Astoria Skatepark

Located at Hoyt Ave. at 19th St 11102 Directly under the Triboro RFK Bridge

Astoria Skatepark – Source

For many NYC skaters is one of the best places to skate, its ground is smooth, it is big, and has a spacious street plaza. The skatepark has a lot of open spaces places, ideal for skater with different level skills, besides the park has many stairs, ledges, banks, rails, half-pipes and banks to practice tricks. Astoria Park, also has a great ambience and the people who go there are friendly. The entry is free, is open 24 hours and there the fun is guaranteed.

5050 Skatepark

Located at 354 Front St, Staten Island, NY 10304

This place is a wonderful indoor skatepark where you can expand your skills. 5050 skatepark is a really cool place that provides a safe environment for the skaters. Although is an indoor skatepark the place is wide and very comfortable, and you never crash with other skaters. 5050 has stupendous mini ramps, its ground is smooth, and their pipes are awesome. The skatepark organize parties, concerts and offer lessons. The staff is very amiable, and the place is well maintained. The entry is $14 per 3-hour session or $20-day pass, is open from Thursday to Monday since 3pm to 8 pm.

5050 Skatepark – Source

The Brooklyn Banks

Located at 355-365 Pearl St, New York, NY 10038

The Brooklyn Banks – Source

Although technically is not a skatepark this place is a legend spot among skaters, is one of the most iconic spot in New York CityBrooklyn Banks was a cradle of the 80’ skaters and from those years has been the home of hundred pro skaters. The place has had several renovations, there you will find a lot of mini ramps, rails, banks and skaters of all different skill levels. The place is awesome, has a good vibe and if you are a skater you must go there even if it’s only once in your life.

Cooper Park

Located at Sharon St & Olive Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, EE. UU

Cooper Park – Source

This concrete outdoor park is wonderful! The design of this park is excellent, recreates the street obstacles to perfection, and its ground is very smooth. The vibe there is awesome and undoubtedly is one of the best skateparks in New York City and became in a trendy place for the NYC skaters. Cooper Skatepark is open daily from 6:30 am to 10 pm.

Located at Sharon St & Olive Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, EE. UU.

Hamilton Bridge Skatepark

Located at Hamilton Bridge, 2401 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY, USA

This skatepark is amazing, it could be the best place for skating in New York City. This spot has many and varied obstacles, ramps. mini-ramps, pipes, half-pipes, gaps, boxes, ledges, pyramids, banks, etc. is place where you can practice from advance tricks to basics. Apparently is the largest park of New York City, the people who go there is awesome, are very friendly and are great skaters. The entry is free, and the park open its doors from 6 am to 8 pm. Highly recommend!