Running in New York is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, in addition to feeling like a New Yorker, you can feel and see the city in a unique way, you will visit many places that usually many people do not know, those streets less known, parks that many people do not know that exist, running through New York City gives you the opportunity to experience every detail of the Big Apple making a tour of the different routes that the city offers to lovers of running.

In addition to living the experience of knowing new things, you will also be able to see and feel the rhythm of life that New Yorkers have day by day and know why New York City is a city different from all the others. Since you know that running in NYC is an unforgettable experience, we will tell you what the best routes in the city are and where to run to enjoy every minute you are in the Big Apple.

Let’s begin!

Running in Central Park

Let’s start this article on where to run in NYC with the city’s most famous park, Central Park. Possibly for many people this iconic park is the best place to run in The Big Apple and is that Central Park has it all, excellent scenery, variety of routes for both experts and novices, places to rest and cool off, and best of all it is a very safe place to go for a run on your trip to New York.

A full run in Central Park is about 8 kilometers, but there is no need to run the entire park if you don’t want to, as this beautiful place offers a wide variety of routes with great scenery.  Here we share with you some of the best routes Central Park has for runners.

– Great Lawn (0.9 KM)

Great Lawn – Source

The difficulty level of this route is for those who are just starting out in the world of running, it is a flat and extensive road, with lots of vegetation and ideal for making changes of pace and speed training. The total distance is less than a kilometer, so you can do several repetitions.

– Periferia (9.7 KM)

For more experienced runners who have been training for a few months. This route will take you along Fifth Avenue north to Central Park North Street. If you want to take a circular route, you must move south on Central Park West and turn left on Central Park South to reach the starting point. An intermediate route of very easy access and very busy.

– Park Drive (10 KM)

Park Drive – Source

A more level course, where you will get more tired, but without a doubt one of the best routes that you can run in your New York travel, since all the way is through the inside of the park, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that you will find while running. The route is one of an irregular ovals where you will see places like The Mall, The Lake, Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, a super recommended route!

As we told you, Central Park offers a great variety of running routes, if you want to know more you can go to and check out what other routes you can do in the heart of Manhattan.

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Running in Highline Park

This elevated park, built on an old railway line, is among the top 3 best places to run in New York City.  This linear park is approximately 2 miles long and runs north-south through the Lower Manhattan West Side.

Highline Park – Source

What does High Line Park offer to runners? Well, this wonderful park offers the runners incredible views of New York City from a privileged point of view, and it is a place that combines nature with the urban and makes the ride incredible. Another positive point of the park is that being above the city you don’t have to worry about traffic, the High Line Park is a very quiet and safe place to go for a run.

Among the most spectacular things that the park has are its gardens with beautiful vegetation and the fantastic murals you can see as you walk through the park. Being a very large park, the High Line offers several accesses by stairs and elevators in different streets of the city, you only have to check by Google Maps which access is closer and venture to live an extraordinary experience on your New York travel.

Running in Hudson River Greenway

This route can be a challenge for experienced runners as the distance covered is 21 kilometers, that is a half marathon. It is a route not so popular with tourists, but with locals who know it very well, it is one of the most popular routes among New Yorkers.

Hudson River Greenway – Source

Touring the Hudson River Greenway will give you the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, pass TriBeCa, Greenwich, the Hudson River Park in Chelsea, see the Air and Space Museum in Hell’s Kitchen, cross the Riverside Park along the entire length of the Upper West Side, and see many more places as the journey is all the way through Manhattan’s west side, from Battery Park to Inwood Park.

This is a wonderful route where you will see many emblematic places in the city and allow you to test your skills as a runner, so much so that if you already feel you are an expert runner you can make the round trip, which would mean running a full marathon.

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