During summer the outdoors activities takes New York City, undoubtedly this is awesome because you be able to enjoy the Big Apple in all its splendor, the city has a great energy and the people on the street always have a big smile. So, if you are looking for an outdoors activity to do in New York City, below, share with you a fantastic list with incredible open-air plans that you will love it.

Let’s begin!

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

Each summer, in New York City is celebrated the HBO Bryant Park Summer Festival, an innovate and extraordinary proposal. What is the HBO Bryant Park? In few words is a film outdoor festival, where the locals and tourist can enjoy different movies and documental in open spaces, in this case in the extraordinary Bryant Park.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park – Source iStock

This free festival is one of the most popular summer events in New York City, when the sun goes down give a thousand of cinema lovers the chance to enjoy stupendous films without paying. The movies start between 8 at 9 pm, but the people arrive to the park since 5 pm. It is very common see how the people reach to the Bryan Park, there you will see friends, families, couples making a picnic and waiting for the film, something incredible.

Why is the incredible plan for summer in New York? Because, watch a film in open space is extremely enchant, also you watch the film you can enjoy the Big Apple’s night. A free cinema night in New York City is an unforgettable plan.

Summer 2019 Movie Line-up:

  • June 10: Big
  • June 17: Big Daddy
  • July 1: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • July 8: Carrie (1976)
  • July 15: Bad Boys
  • July 22: Coming to America
  • July 29: Goodfellas
  • August 5: Anchorman

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SummerStage 2019

Along New York City is celebrated this magnificent free festival, in each borough of the Big Apple will be the host of different shows and performances. Exactly are 16 parks of the city that are going serve as stages, each of them will have free summer-concerts, dance and theater performances, ballet and outdoor opera series.

SummerStage 2019

SummerStage 2019 – Source www.jambase.com

The festival begins June 1 and runs to September 24, even the festival happens at many of the city’s park, the mainstage is Central Park, there will be held over 200 shows, where will playing famous indie rock bands and many of the emblematic NYC’s Hip Hop artists.

However, Central Park being the main stage doesn’t mean it’s the only place to go, other spaces of the city also will have vibrant shows, remember the SummerStage is through New York City and many incredible concerts taking place in different outdoor spaces and boroughs of the Big Apple.

If you want to know more about this awesome festival see the official website cityparksfoundation.org/summerstage. Last but not least, mostly of the shows are free but some of them you will need a ticket.

Walking around Governors Island

Escape to Governors Island is a stupendous idea if you are looking for a different plan in New York City. Summer is a good opportunity to walk around this charm island, there you will find fun activities to do, and one of the most incredible plans is glamping on the Governors Island.

Since last year you can glamping on this gorgeous island, there you can have a great time outside New York City. This experience is fantastic, is a new way to enjoy the Big Apple, there you will connect with the nature and have breathtaking sights of NYC, overall at night when you can see the skyline of the city on this splendor.

However, if you prefer just visit Governors Island, you can go there taking the ferry, once there you can do many things, such as biking, walking tours, practice sports, kayaking and chill in a hammock and enjoy the summer. Undoubtedly, this is a great plan to do in New York City during summer, besides is an inexpensive plan. Governors Island is such as a paradise!

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Take a bike tour

Take a bike tour for New York City allows you to discover the Big Apple exploring areas that you can’t visit in a walking tour, in addition is one of the best ways to enjoy the City that Never Sleeps. The Big Apple has many bike routes, with gorgeous sceneries for take photos and places that any tourist should visit.

Some of the best routes are:

Hudson River Greenway: This path bike gives you fantastic views of Manhattan, the ride has 11 miles and some of the places that you would see are The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Chelsea Piers among other amazing places of New York City.

East River Greenway: Another incredible path bike, there you will enjoy the downtown Manhattan, this bikeway is more urban, so there you are going to feel the hustle of the city, is a hair-raising experience that worth living in New York City.

The Intrepid Sea

The Intrepid Sea – Source iStock

Bronx River Pathway Bike: This path bike is an incredible linear park where you would enjoy the wildlife and have fantastic views of the river, because the Bronx River Pathway is amidst nature. In few words, is an amazing pathway that you should visit if you like the flora and fauna and ride bike. During summer is a tremendous place to visit.

Unquestionably biking in New York City is a marvelous way to explore the Big Apple, is the opportunity to view from other perspective the city, also is a great way to find out places that you never expected. Navigate the streets of New York riding bike is an unforgettable experience.

Brunch in a Cafe and walk the New York City Highline

Another great summer plan in New York City is take a brunch. During summer you find many places where you can eat this plate, the better way to start a day in NYC. After the brunch, you should go to walk the New York City High Line, a stupendous lineal park over the Big Apple’s streets, since there, you have as incredible sight of the city.

Along the High Line Park, you will explore the city, the park has an organic design that allow you to move easily from one place to another, this is fantastic, because you can save time visiting many spots of the Big Apple. In addition, while to walk by the park you will see tremendous graffities, and enjoy the urban nature, also you find a great diversity of activities to do, such as yoga sessions, among others.