Ice cream always will be an incredible dessert no matter what the season, but in the summertime, ice cream is some of the best options to battle against the sunny days, so here, we have done a selection of the best ice cream shop in New York City and we share you with you…

Let’s begin!

Sugar Hill Creamery

Sugar Hill Creamery is enchanting ice cream shop, the store has an astounding welcoming atmosphere. The ice cream flavors of this shop are inspired by Caribbean and Midwestern cultures, so there, you will find flavors blending like vanilla with Bourbon and dark chocolate. One of the most sensational ice creams of Sugar Hill is The Beatnuts, a pistachio ice cream with a fresh blackberry. Sugar Hill Creamery also serves non-dairy desserts. It is a beautiful place, Sugar Hill Creamery is located in the famous Harlem, an eclectic neighborhood that attracts many tourists daily.



Ritas’s – Source

Considered as one of the best places to eat an ice cream in New York City. This ice cream shop shine for have flavors as black chocolate with whisky and oat milk with orange chunks. On the other hand, the shop has an incredible ambient, there you feel welcoming and the employers are very kind. The shop has many years, was established in 1899, and through the years have earned a lot of fans. Highly recommended place, perfect ice cream shop to go with the family, there the kids will have a great time. In summertime is usual see long lines outdoor the shop.

Republic of Booza

Today this ice cream parlor is highly visit place, during the New York summer the shop is full of people seeking their delicious ice cream. The shop has a great variety of flavors, such as coconut, orange, strawberry and lemon, jus for name some, moreover delicious flavors, the ice creams has shine colors that catch once time inside the store. Undoubtedly this place is fantastic, there you will live an astonishing experience tasting different ice creams. Conclusion, this shop is awesome, their flavors are incredible and people from different corners of New York City always recommend this ice cream shop.

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Ample Hills

This ice cream is excellent, super creative place where create new flavors constantly. Ample Hills Creamery is an ice cream shop where every flavor tells a story, each ingredients that they choose are designed with fresh elements creating thus the a story that connect you with a flavor, as well as, is a shop where you can go to enjoy a conversation while tasting a delicious ice cream. On the other hand, is a perfect spot for kids because there they will find diverse attractions where share with the parents. Highly recommended place to go!

L’Albero dei gelati

L'Albero dei gelati

L’Albero dei gelati – Source

Also known as the Tree of Gelato, L’Albero dei gelati is a stupendous place that share its passion for the gelato with the people. Opened in 1985, this old ice cream shop has created incredible flavors using a great variety of fruits such as the orange, coco and strawberry are blending with ingredients like cocoa, coffee, chopped nuts among other elements. In addition, this ice cream shop has used their Italian roots for give it to each gelato a special touch. The store looks like an organic market, where also will find delicious desserts. Incredible place with an incredible story that worth lives through tasting an exquisite gelato.

La Newyorkina

Everything they make is handmade, their philosophy of use fresh and the best ingredients for create delicious ice creams and incredible fruit pops. The success of this places is because they select carefully each one of the ingredients and working closely with the farmers of NYC choosing the best products of each season. Furthermore, they import high quality ingredients from Mexico, ingredients that don’t grow around the Big Apple such as vanilla beans, Oxacan Chocolate, tamarind, chiles and much more exotic elements. An incredible place that going to sweeten your tour for New York.

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Sweet Moment

Sweet Moment

Sweet Moment – Source Facebook

Sweet Moment is located in one of the most emblematic areas of New York City, the SoHo, there you will find this spectacular ice cream shop. Sweet Moment along 2019 has been recognized as one of the best Ice cream of New York, due to that they use highly ingredients in each ice cream, thus creating incredible flavors that at accompanied with tasty Bottle Cakes and Cookies made by La Colombe, a famous coffee shop in the Big Apple. The ice creams of Sweet Moment are authentic gastronomic gems, worth visit the shop, there you will have an incredible experience tasting tons of different flavors.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

Another place that you must visit if you are doing a tour for New York City during summertime. This ice cream is fantastic, is much more than an ice cream shop, is a spot where you can gather with your friends to enjoy a delicious ice pop or ice cream. There, you will find a place full of color with a great atmosphere, the people usually go there during the summer because have been found a place where can have a good time while enjoy an ice cream. Highly recommended place!

Soft Swerve

Soft Swerve

Soft Swerve – Source Facebook

Soft Swerve the perfect place to pick up an ice cream and carry on enjoining the New York City Summer. With eye-catching flavors and colors this ice cream shop serves stupendous ice cream decorate with striking toppings. If you want to make an idea why Soft Swerve is an incredible place check out this Instagram, there you will find many reasons to love this ice cream shop. So, Soft Swerve is an amazing ice cream where you will discover new flavors, size options, striking toppings and much more fun things. Astonishing ice cream, very recommended place.