One of the greatest things about visiting New York City is the surprising variety of ethnic restaurants that you could find in the Big Apple. Along NYC, you will have the chance to discover every cuisine of the world, so, here is a list with some of the best European Restaurant in New York City.

Let’s begin!

Veselka Restaurant

In Veselka, you will never feel dissatisfied, once enter in this Ukrainian restaurant you are going to discover one of the most exquisite foods of the world. The Veselka’s menu is astonishing, has a great variety of recipes where stand out the dishes that are cook with pork and chicken.

Veselka Restaurant

Veselka Restaurant – Source Facebook

Veselka opened its doors since 1954, they are in 1422 2nd Avenue of East Village. Other delicious foods of Veselka are the potato latkes, beef stroganoff, and its marvelous handmade Ukrainian dumplings.

Andre’s Hungarian Strudels & Pastries

If you are looking at something delectable in New York City, our recommendation is Andre’s Hungarian Strudels & Pastries. This Hungarian bakery, famous for its strudels made with traditional techniques, is a great place to spend an incredible moment in New York City.

Andre's Hungarian Bakery

Andre’s Hungarian Bakery – Source Facebook

Every ingredient used in this Hungarian bakery t is fresh, something spectacular because each dessert of the menu has an incredible taste due to fresh ingredients.  Two of the most delicious desserts that you will find in Andre’s Bakery are, the “Babka” cake and the “Linzer Tart” made with nuts, peaches, and raspberry jam.

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Krolewskie Jadlo

Krolewskie Jadlo is an extraordinary restaurant where you will find exquisite plates made it with traditional recipes. Go there is an incredible gastronomic experience, the Polish cuisine has been influenced by French, Italian, and German flavors thus creating a large variety of tastes that you can find in the Krolewskie menu.

Krolewskie Jadlo

Krolewskie Jadlo – Source Facebook

As we told you, Krolewskie is an eclectic restaurant but no doubt one of the best dishes in the restaurant is the Stuffed Wild Board cooked with pepper cognac sauce.  Another spectacular dish of the place is their Walnut Meatballs, highly recommended. Krolewskie also offers vegetarian plates in its menu.

The decoration of the places has a medieval style with gigantic paintings hang on in their walls. Visit this restaurant is fall in love with Polish cuisine.

Russian Samovar

If you want to taste authentic Russian food and drink genuine Russian vodka go to Russian Samovar. This place is spectacular, their walls adorned with photos of famous people of different decades and it is old piano create the perfect atmosphere to have a great day in New York City.

Russian Samovar

Russian Samovar – Source Facebook

Russian Samovar serves classic Mother Russian Food, this term is using by them to refer to the style of dishes that you could find on their menu. Another interesting point of this place is their varieties house-made vodkas

The construction of the Russian Samovar menu is based on recipes passed down generation to generation, each plate has a rich history to tell. Super recommended restaurant located in the heart of the Theater District.

El Quijote Restaurant

El Quijote restaurant the oldest Spanish restaurant in New York as well as an iconic place of the Big Apple. If you are looking for authentic Spanish food in New York, this place is one of those where you can find it, indeed, the Quijote is considered as one of the best Spanish restaurants in New York.

El Quijote Restaurant

El Quijote Restaurant – Source

Through the time this restaurant has been perfectioned its menu and have created delicious plates blending the traditional Spanish cuisine with the modern gastronomic. Undoubtedly, this place is going to give you a great surprise, the variety of its menu it will satisfy your palate.

El Quijote is a spectacular restaurant where you will find exquisite plates, in addition, there you will be surrounded by an authentic Spanish atmosphere.

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Eataly, a restaurant located in Flatiron District have reached transform the classic Italian food with new ideas. This restaurant serves since delicious breakfast until romantic dinners, besides, is a great place to visit in the family.


Eataly – Source

Although most of the menu has the typical Italian plates, rice, pasta, soups, and meats, nothing on the menu it will disappoint you, because of the Eataly food is extremely delicious. The pleasant atmosphere and the good price make Eataly a place where to enjoy high-quality Italian food. Two thumbs up for this fantastic restaurant.

Casa Mono

Casa Mono is another remarkable Spanish restaurant in New York CityCasa Mono has a Michelin Star, that means that every plate of the menu is perfect. The two chefs that manages this place are Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, well-known chefs’ winners of different cooking prizes

Casa Mono

Casa Mono – Source Facebook

In Casa Mono, you will have the pleasure to enjoy Spanish Food, made it with classic recipes used in the Mediterranean gastronomic. The flavor and aroma of each plate of Casa Mono are incredible, full of mouth-watering options, this establishment is fascinating.

Visit Casa Mono is an exceptional experience, although their prices could be expensive, visit this establishment is a satisfactory adventure where you will discover one of the bests meals of the world.