Fans of comics today we have for each of you a guide with the best Comic Shops in New York, a list made for all tastes. This selection of the best comic shops in New York is specially created for anyone who is interested in visiting one of these comic bookstores and wants to have a great time in the Big Apple.

Let’s get started!

Midtown Comics Times Square

It is undoubtedly one of the best comic shops you can visit in New York City, an authentic comic shop where you will find everything.

There are 5 Midtown Comics stores in Manhattan, but today we will tell you about the store that is in Times Square, a magnificent store that is very easy to identify because its facade has large illuminated posters of different superheroes.

A narrow staircase leads us to the store which is Huge!… as soon as you set foot inside Midtown Comics you will understand why it is a world reference of comics and that everything of this literary genre should visit!

Midtown Comics Times Square – Source

The amount of comic they have is gigantic, there are all kinds, American comic, European comic, a huge section of Manga, there is everything.  The shop also sells products like t-shirts, cups, wallets, etc. And if the first floor is great, the second floor is paradise! There are all sorts of action figures, series, posters and retro and current movies.

The prices of the store in general terms are quite good, they do not differ much from the other comic stores that are in New York City. Another thing to highlight about Midtown Comics is its online sale with a very wide catalogue and the events that are organized in the store.

Must visit if you are a comic book lover and are in New York City.

Toy Tokyo

It is not the biggest, nor the most spacious, nor the most organized, but it can be said that it is an AUTHENTIC COMICS STORE… walking through its narrow corridors with an infinity of stacked comics really makes you feel in a shop dedicated to comics, a shop for true lovers of graphic novels and stories of super heroes.

In Toy Tokyo you will have a wonderful time and even if you don’t buy anything, which is very difficult, it deserves a visit even if it’s only for leisure. Its vintage atmosphere, nostalgia and kitsch make Toy Tokyo a unique store and hard to equal, this may be the most interesting store to visit in New York City.

Toy Tokyo – Source Facebook

Although the store doesn’t have as many comics as other Big Apple stores, what it does have are many action figures, especially retro and collectible. For example, the store is full of small figures from Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe and many more. Something interesting about the shop is that you will be able to buy second-hand items that are relics in the comic world.

You must be careful because the excitement of seeing so many great things can make you spend a lot of money in the blink of an eye.  In Toy Tokyo you can find everything, it is a very varied store, prices are equally varied, there are very expensive collectibles, as well as comics at an excellent price. A store that you will love, very authentic where you look at it and where you will surely end up buying something.

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Forbidden Planet

In Greenwich Village and very close to Union Square is Forbidden Planet, another GREAT comic book store you can find in New York City.

Its large glass façade and the statue of the Terminator easily attracts attention, it is a store that many looks and those who pass through it do not miss the opportunity to take a picture. This store perfectly represents the American comic book store, full of great figures, crowded with comics and collectible items.

Forbidden Planet – Source Facebook

Forbidden Planet has an important selection of comics, Manga, graphic novels and action figures that are of collectible level. It also has many merchandising items such as t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. In terms of prices, Forbidden Planet can be an expensive store, the comics sold there tend to be more expensive, as well as the action figures. But if you are one of those who wants to take a souvenir of your visit to this iconic comic store we recommend you take a look at the t-shirts, usually have discount or are not so expensive.

The store also has online sales on its website, there are usually promotions, so it is worth going in and see if there is something you like. It is definitely a store full of interesting things to visit, even if it’s just to get to know.

Bulletproof Comics

A great store and specially created for the real fans of comics. There you will find a great collection of comics very well divided by genres like horror, fantasy, crime and espionage, science fiction, adventure and many more.

If you are a fan of Marvel and DC Comic you should visit Bulletproof Comics, as this store has one of the largest collections of these two publishers, there you will find classic comics up to the latest Marvel or DC. So, if you are looking for something special from one of these two comic book publishers for your collection then go straight to Bulletproof Comics.

Bulletproof Comics – Source

The store also sells video games, something that for a comic book lover can be an addition to his purchase. In addition, it has hundreds of interesting items such as action figures or role-playing games. This store is very interesting, you should not let go by the first impression but take your time and look at everything, you will get a big surprise and leave the store very happy.

As for the price, well there is everything, but in general terms it is not an expensive store, besides the relation product – price is good, it does not try to take money out of too much. So, if you see this store while walking through New York do not hesitate to enter it, you will enjoy every second of your time at Bulletproof Comics.

 St. Mark’s Comics

In the alternative East Village area, you will find this small facade store where you will get one of the best surprises of your life, a store full of comics with luxury editions that are extremely difficult to find.

The store is small, but its size does not take away the great, the selection of comics in this store is wonderful, you notice that there is a thorough work when deciding which stories will go on their shelves. Its well-organized corridors have that typical North American comic book store air where you will find readers absorbed in the stories or people who are looking for something unusual to complement their comic book collection.

St. Mark’s Comics – Source

This store is an institution in New York City, many people who live in the Big Apple and many tourists visit it every day, so don’t be surprised to find it full.

At the end of the store you will find the Manga and merchandising section, packed with new and second-hand action figures from all ages. Some store prices may seem exorbitant compared to other comic book stores in New York City.

Anyway, St. Mark’s Comics is one of the best shops you will find in the Big Apple and although its size is not as big as others we have mentioned in this article it is a shop that has a lot to offer you, especially if you are looking for comics that are hard to find.