In New York there are hundreds of bookstores where you can miss out on days of shopping. The Big Apple is a city that offers book lovers a wide variety of bookstores where they can find the book they have been looking for years.

So, if you are going to venture out and look for a book in New York, you’ll find the best bookstores in the city in the list below.

Let’s begin!

Barnes & Nobles

Barnes & Nobles – Source

The size of this bookstore is impressive! Barnes & Nobles is one of New York’s most famous bookstores and not only because of its large size but also because it has a large selection of books.  This bookstore is perfect for first-time visitors to New York City because it is easy to find and has a wide variety of literary sections. The prices of books are good, they are not expensive, and it is also a good place to buy some souvenirs.



This other bookstore is also huge and very popular in New York City. In its corridors you will see many people sitting reading and this place is one of the most loved bookstores by New Yorkers. Borders is full of shelves where you can find thousands of interesting books, plus they usually offer excellent discounts and people who visit this place usually buy more than one book. A super recommended place for people who want to take home a good memory of the Big Apple.

Strand Bookstore

Strand Bookstore – Source

If you are looking for a more charming bookstore that makes you feel like you are in paradise, then Strand Bookstore is the perfect bookstore for you. This place is a sanctuary for book lovers, its shelves are full of classics, new or second-hand books that you will love. The ambience of this place is charming, perhaps because of this it is one of the favorite bookstores of New Yorkers.

Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company – Source

A vibrant bookstore, where you can spend hours walking down its halls looking at books. Shakespeare & Company has a wide selection of books making it an ideal bookstore to find any book no matter how rare. There they usually invite authors to give talks, organize some forums and invite artists to talk about a specific book. A very attractive thing about this bookstore is that inside you can buy coffee while you find the book you are looking for. Shakespeare & Company is a bookstore with a lot of attitude.

Mercer Street Books

Mercer Street Books – Source

If you are looking for a small bookstore that sells second-hand books at great prices, don’t hesitate to go to Mercer Street Books. This bookstore located near Washington Square is great, it is the perfect place for book lovers, a small place, with a large selection of books, with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. It is a bookstore where you should go without thinking about what book you want, you should let yourself be surprised and let the book choose you. Mercer Street is such a lovely bookstore that you could easily spend several days there.

Unoppressive Non-imperialist Bargain Books

Unoppressive Non-imperialist Bargain Books – Source

This bookstore with such a curious and striking name is one of New York City’s best-kept secrets. It is a small bookstore with a unique character, with a special atmosphere that a large bookstore can never offer you. In this place you will find a good selection of books with a political and non-traditional focus. Unoppressive Non-imperialist Bargain Books is impressive, very special, definitely worth going to this place as there is no other bookstore like it in New York.

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Argosy Book Store

Argosy Book Store – Source

The oldest bookstore in New York City. A wonderful bookstore, full of beautiful books, ancient editions, very special and where you can breathe love for books. This bookstore has all kinds of antique books with a wide variety of themes, from the 16th century to the present and at very affordable prices. Argosy Book Store is a bookstore full of history, a bookstore that has the smell of old books and that every literature lover loves, without a doubt this place is a great treasure of New York City.

Three Lives & Company

Three Lives & Company – Source

For several years this bookstore has been considered one of the best bookstores in New York, Three Lives is a small bookstore that at first glance doesn’t look surprising but will surprise you as soon as you are inside. This bookstore has an excellent selection of books with beautiful and eye-catching editions. Three Lives is the perfect bookstore for book lovers and ideal for all those who want to take home a beautiful souvenir of the Big Apple. A very positive point of this bookstore is the staff, they are very friendly and have a great literary knowledge.

Book Off

Book Off – Source

A bookstore that has everything from books to comics, movies, postcards and even musical instruments. De Book Off will never come out empty-handed, it is an impressive place, and they also have a sale that no book lover can resist. A very good thing about this bookstore is that you will always find something new, its selection of books is very varied and constantly updated so it is a bookstore that is always at the forefront. A great bookstore that you can’t miss.

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