Usually, when you watch the movies that were filmed in New York see many people walking on the street with a cup of coffee in their hands, also see many couples sharing a nice time inside the coffee shops, and some of the funniest scenes from series like “Friends” have happened in a place like this. That is why after seeing for many years what we have told you, probably one of the first things you want to do when you are in New York is going to a coffee shop, ask for a coffee cup and drinking it while relax seeing the people walking through the window.

So, because we want you to live a unique experience on your trip we choose the best coffee shops in the entire city, each one is going to be taken aback you and we are confident that you will go back at least to one.

The list that you will see below not have an order from the best to worst, so, let’s begins!

Adventure Café

One thing is for sure, this coffee shop is a pleasant place to spend time, where you will escape from the hustle and leave back the noise of the city. This amazing establishment located on Delancey Street has one of the most spectacular coffees in the world, in addition, they sell yummy bagels and pastries.

Adventure Cafe NYC – Source Facebook

In this coffee shop, you will feel welcome always, its ambiance is warm even during winter days, you can go there with a good book or your laptop and let pass the time while enjoying a cup of coffee. Also, is a place for freelancers and entrepreneurs who meeting for co-working. Definitely, we recommend this place, 2 thumb ups!


A small gem inside New York, this is a perfect definition of this incredible coffee shop. An awesome establishment with an excellent variety of coffees, and its muffins, cinnamon rolls, coco balls and Cardamom Bread are to lick your fingers.

Konditori -Source

Konditori has a strong flavored coffee, which is produced with premiums beans who come from American and Arabic countries, thus creating an exquisite flavor that is uniquely theirs, so, if you love the coffee with strong notes this coffeehouse is perfect for you.

With some soft music sounding background, you can feel the perfect ambiance for enjoy an incredible coffee cup, the atmosphere is awesome at this place undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in New York City. Very recommend! You will find them at 182 Allen Street.

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Gorilla Coffee

Of those places that you never forget and always want to come back. Gorilla Coffee is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a good coffee cup, for more than ten years this coffee shop has been a spot where the people find one of the best espressos in New York.

Gorilla Coffee – Source

By the time Gorilla Coffee has become a popular place for its quality, you will find this incredible place at 472 Bergen Street (just off of Flatbush Ave) Park Slope Brooklyn. Don’t hesitate to visit this coffee shop, you will love its energy and its passion for making coffee.

Spreadhouse Café

A top-notch coffee shop, if you are looking for a place where you can work and relax at the same time don’t hesitate to go to Spreadhouse Café.  They have a very talented barista who prepares an excellent coffee and a delicious “Matcha Latte”, and the decoration of the place is sui generis, you will find comfortable sofas, egg chairs hanging on the air and individual or communal tables.

Spreadhouse Cafe – Facebook

Something very special about this coffee shops is how the little noisy background mixes with the people creating a cool vibe, they have a truly excellent playlist, we are sure that you will love this place. They have a wide variety of beverages and coffees, but we recommend its “Matcha Latte” is very pleasing to the palate. We highly recommend this coffee shop if you want to live a new Yorker experience. You will find this treasure at 116 Suffolk Street.

Coffee Project New York

A charming coffeehouse! Coffee Project New York is a little coffee shop that will steal your heart. There you can taste one of the best-deconstructed lattes in New York, this particular coffee has a special flavor with high notes, highly recommend. Also, you will find classic coffee cups such as espressos, macchiatos, Americano, drip coffee, chai latte, etc.

Coffee Project New York – Source

Through the years this fascinating coffee shop becoming a very famous spot in the Big Apple, because is a pleasant place to spend time, as well as made a delicious coffee and have a super friendly staff. Coffee Project New York is located at 239 E 5th St. So, if you are a coffee lover and is looking for place an out of the ordinary this the perfect coffee shop for you.

12 Corners Coffee

This coffee shop is one of the gems on this list, is a cozy place where you can sit to read a good book while enjoying a tasty cup of coffee and have a good time, once there, you will have the feeling that the time has been stopped, hence you will love this place and its cool vibe, we are confident about that.

12 Corners Coffee –

On the other “12 Corners Coffee” has an impressive staff of baristas who made an excellent coffee, we recommend its “Pumpkin Latte” is very yummy! furthermore, the personnel are super nice and always is willing to help you. In a nutshell, is a beautiful coffeehouse with top-level drinks and cool vibe. We give them 5 stars ?