One of the most frequently asked questions every tourist asks when in New York City is: Where am I going to eat a delicious hamburger? This question, which at first may seem simple, can become an existential problem for any tourist and is that finding a restaurant that fits your needs can often be difficult.

Although quiet, New York is a city with plenty of restaurants to suit all tastes, the Big Apple is the perfect place to try new flavors and come back with a few extra pounds to your hometown.

So knowing all this, here is a guide to the best restaurants to go out and eat a delicious hamburger in New York City. Some of them are more expensive than others, but you will definitely love them.

Let’s get started!

P.J. Clarke’s

A legendary restaurant in New York City and is where sell the most famous hamburgers in the Big Apple. Since 1884 this emblematic restaurant-bar was opened and it is usual to see famous people like actors, models, and singers going to eat there. Their burgers are deliciously made with the traditional American recipe.

P.J. Clarke’s – Source

The price of a hamburger is an average of $14, a little more expensive than other restaurants but worth going to P.J. Clarke’s is an emblem of the city and is a restaurant you should visit when you are in New York.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is part of a fast food chain, its burgers are inexpensive, about $6.00 and extremely delicious. The meat from their hamburgers is very well seasoned and the rest of the ingredients that accompany it are very fresh.

Shake Shack – Source

The price of a hamburger may vary depending on what you add. Plus the milkshakes sold at Shake Shack are amazing, if you go there you should order a milkshake no matter what the taste, you’ll love them all! There are several Shake Schak in Manhattan, it’s a famous place so there’s usually a line.

Five Napkin Burger

If you are talking about hamburgers in New York, this restaurant should always be at the top of the list. Their burgers are fantastic, their flavor will make you hallucinate. Another point to highlight from their burgers is their size and is that they are giants, for advice do not eat anything before going to Five Napkin Burger but you can not with their giant burgers.

Five Napkin Burger – Source – Photo by Tamara Beckwhit

The hamburger that people order the most is the “Original Five Napkin Burger“, which comes with French fries and not everyone can eat it whole, it’s huge! Hamburger prices are around $16, it’s not a cheap place but it’s worth a visit.

J.G. Melon

For many, in this site is where sell the best burgers in New York City.  All their burgers have a grilled flavor, their potatoes are homemade and every ingredient they use is very fresh, plus the sauces they have there are finger-lickin’.

J.G. Melon – Source

Their burgers are not expensive, the value for money is very good, and each burger can cost about $11.  You can’t miss this place, honestly you will taste one of the best burgers in the whole city.

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro is a bar that sells hamburgers and its burgers have nothing to envy from any other place specialized in this type of food.  Their burgers are great and the fries are super delicious, they are always on point.

Corner Bistro – Source

The price of hamburgers is about $10 and their most famous hamburger is the “Bistro Burguer” which they make with cheddar cheese and bacon. We recommend that you go to lunch and not to dinner, because as it is a bar at night it is usually very crowded with people drinking beer.

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Burger Joint

This small restaurant located inside a hotel is one of the most recommended places to go for a hamburger in New York. Don’t get carried away by the appearance of the restaurant, although it looks like a speakeasy, we want to tell you that this restaurant is a very well-known place among New Yorkers.

Burger Joint – Source

Their burgers are extremely delicious, their double burgers are gigantic. The hamburger that people order the most is the Cheeseburger and you can add anything you want if you order it as All the Works. It is not an expensive place, prices are between 10 and 15 dollars. In addition to the hamburgers, there is a wide variety of beers, many of them artisan beers. This place is a real experience and it is a must for tourists to visit Burger Joint.

Bubba Gump

Now let’s talk about a classic place to go for a burger and not to be left off the list, Bubba Gump. It is located in Times Square, is decorated with scenes from the movie “Forest Gump” and its burgers are extremely delicious, have a wide variety of flavors and the prices of burgers are not expensive. The favorite of many in this place is the “All-American BBQ Cheeseburger” which has onion grills.

Bubba Gump – Source

It is a very popular place among tourists and there are usually many people there, but it is normal, is that “Bubba Gump” in addition to being a restaurant is an experience, is a place where you will take many photos and you will remember many moments of the film “Forest Gump“. Hamburger prices are between $15 and $20, it’s not a cheap place but it’s worth going there, you will have a great time.