Washington DC has several spectacular places to visit, within those destinations are the city parks, large prairies that are beautiful and that offers tourists a different perspective to what is normally visited in the city of Washington DC.

On the other hand, Washington DC’s parks are also a great option for relaxing, so if you’re in New York City and want to visit a quieter, more relaxed place than the Big Apple then don’t hesitate to go directly to Washington DC a spectacular city just two hours from New York.

So, to spend a great day in Washington DC here we propose a tour of the greatest parks that has the capital of the United States, places with a unique magic that will make your visit to Washington DC an unforgettable memory.

Let’s begin!

The US Botanic Garden

The US Botanic Garden is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Washington DC, this park also known as the Living Museum of Plants, has a lot and variety of flora. The park is full of enchanting corners, places that seem like a dream, in addition its impressive roads propose a very interesting tour where you will find tropical trees and exhibitions of orchids. A park that will surprise you from beginning to end.

The US Botanic Garden – Source www.usbg.gov

Admission to the US Botanic Garden is free and has no time limit, so if you want to spend the whole day in this beautiful place you can do it. It is located in the National Mall, its access is easy not usually make long lines, also if you go to Washington DC with your family this destination is a super recommended place to tour in group, you will have a lot of fun. No doubt you should go to visit this magical place.

Tidal Basin

From this oasis you can have incredible views of some Washington DC monuments such as the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, Washington and Rooselvelt. This park is located right next to the Potomac River, perhaps the most important river in the city, there you can take a boat tour, see the landscape and take spectacular photos from the river. Hundreds of tourists visit this park daily, it has a particular charm that makes it one of the most beloved parks by tourists.

Tidal Basin

It is in the Tidal Basin where the Spring Festival is celebrated every year, a festival that coincides with the flowering of the cherry trees, a spectacle that you should at least see once in your life. This park is a place that you should visit with time, since it has a great extension. The Tidal Basin also offers beautiful landscapes, so don’t forget to take your camera and capture the charm of this beautiful park.

Rock Creek Park

One of the largest national parks in the United States, Rock Creek Park has an area of more than 1700 acres and is one of the natural wonders you can visit on your tour to Washington DC. This park is perfect for all those who love to walk in the wilderness, see animals and breathe fresh air. Inside the park you can also go on horseback or bicycle tours, in addition to the park you can also go to play golf.

Rock Creek Park -Source www.npca.org

One of the park’s emblematic attractions is the famous Pierce Mill, which was built in 1829 and went from being used as a barn to a strategic point in the U.S. Civil War, over the years the mill has become an icon of American history.  Rock Creek Park also has the beautiful Boulder Bridge, built in 1902, another historic part of the park worth visiting. Undoubtedly Rock Creek Park is one of the great natural emblems of Washington DC.

The National Arboretum

The National Arboretum of the United States is a park that will leave you stunned by its great beauty and majesty. It is located a few miles from the U.S. Capitol. Inside the Arboretum you will be able to see gigantic trees, which have been there for hundreds of years, and you will also can see the Azaleas collection, one of the great attractions of the place. Other natural wonders of the park are its Japanese Garden, a beautiful space dedicated only to Bonsai tree, and the Valley of Ferns.

The National Arboretum – Source tclf.org

One of the most visited places in the Arboretum are the Columns of the Capitol, ruins that when you visit give you the feeling of being in a Greek pantheon in the middle of nature. As a fact you should know that in the Arboretum there are several paths that connect to different gardens, so we recommend that you enjoy them and let yourself be surprised by what you find on the way.

Dumbarton Oaks gardens

The famous gardens of Dumbarton Oaks Manor are another of the natural beauties that we recommend you visit on your Washington DC tour. The gardens were designed between 1922 and 1947, has an area of 40 acres and a countless number of trails that end with terraces where in addition to seeing beautiful sculptures, statues and fountains, you will have spectacular views of the garden.

Dumbarton Oaks gardens

Every year, flower and plant lovers gather in the gardens of Dumbarton Oaks to witness the flowering of peonies, a spectacle that takes place in late spring. Besides touring the gardens, you can also enter the Dumbarton Mansion, inside the building there is a museum with an extensive collection of pre-Columbian and Byzantine objects. Entrance to the mansion is free of charge.